Why Should You Never Ignore Health Warning Signs

Don't ignore health

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear∼ Buddha

 It should never be an excuse to ignore health issues because of our busy lifestyle. Self care is most crucial to our wellness. Medical problem, if any will not go away just by ignoring. Treat it before it gets serious.

Don’t be scared of being diagnosed with a disease you may not have. Moreover, most of the health challenges can be handled by changing small habits only.

You have only one life. Your top priority should be to take care of overall health, if you really love yourself. When you ignore health issues, it only lets the problem grow and makes it difficult to tackle. Sometimes it may lead to a state when it becomes fatal.

You must have seen families suffering in many ways when one of their member has a chronic disease. Life gets disturbed and everyone is affected. You have to take care of not only your health but of the family as well. So it does not make any sense to ignore health.

Some bad effects of having a disease:

  • Suffering by the patient undermining the quality of life.
  • Inability to fulfill family responsibilities.
  • Stress in the family.
  • Economic struggles and loss of finance.
  • Poor mental health.

Few examples of health warning signs you should not ignore and consult your doctor if required:

Overweight  Start taking action today to get rid of extra fats.

Feeling stressed  Do stress management activities as stress can lead to physical or mental illness.

Unnecessary fatigue  You might have some deficiencies or have some other problem.

Gas, indigestion  This may be because of poor eating habits or  could be a sign of coronary disease.

Frequent headaches  Causes can be poor eyesight, migraine, lack of sleep, hypertension etc.

So what you need to do?

Good health does not mean the absence of disease or physical pain only, it is a condition of  well being.

A few simple tips to help ward off  health problems and to enjoy a healthy active living.
  • Resolve today to give prime importance to your and your family’s health.
  • Get knowledge. There are countless sites on the internet giving expert advice on maintaining good health.
  • In case of any problem, go to the real doctor instead of visiting Dr Google.
  • Lead a disciplined life. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Prevention is always better than cure.
  • Avoid self medication and never skip any prescribed medicines.
  •  Any health issue needs to be addressed in the beginning only. The habit of procrastination only aggravates the problem.
  • Be always conscious of what you eat and develop the habits which promote a strong and healthy body and mind.
  • Yoga and  meditation can prove to be highly effective to prevent many diseases.
  • Simple habits like washing hands with soap before meals and  limiting the use of mobile phone can help us lead a  healthier life.

REMEMBER THE FLIP SIDE:  Worrying too much about your health can actually cause illness.

Never Ignore health problems.


Photo by Leland Francisco via Flickr by cc/2.0

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