Why Is Spirituality Important

spirituality- sikh temple
Sikh Temple

When life is running smoothly, we tend to go into the comfort zone and become lazy. It’s  important to spend some time daily in strengthening our soul, mind and body.

If you are following a routine of self-improvement, you find it is quite easy to do when life is comfortable. Rather, it is a fun and gives you so much excitement. But when things get tough, you feel it’s  difficult to do these activities.

It’s quite natural to get perturbed and to feel helpless when we face challenges. It happens with everyone. You should make your mind so strong that you are able to face any unpleasant situation without fear. Your real test lies in how you react in tough times.

Here comes the  role of  spirituality in our lives. Being spiritual will strengthen our soul. If we are spiritually strong, and submit to God′s will, He will guard us in every situation and will bless us with extraordinary mind power. We will find ourselves unshakable even in the worst of circumstances.

Some tips to put spirituality into practice:

  •  Develop a daily habit of worship and prayer.
  • Meditate to master your thoughts. Start doing it for 5 minutes daily and slowly increase the duration. Your goal should be to meditate daily for half an hour or more.
  • Do concentration exercises for 2 minutes. With practice you will be able to do it for 15 minutes or more. Do it daily.
  • Go to the church/ temple at least once a week.
  • Start reading religious books.


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