What We Writers Should Pray For


When I start writing, I always remember that pen is mightier than sword. I know it’s a huge responsibility as a writer to put everything on paper very carefully – every word of it.

I never know who is reading my blog. My reader could be highly educated or not so literate. She might be a strong critic who does not agree with my views or she is looking for the answers to her problems.

I try to offer the best possible solution(s) to the problems highlighted in my articles.  I  also realize that some readers  can interpret my lines in their own way which may have a terribly wrong impact.

So I try to write in a simple manner to make it easy to understand. I also keep on learning to improve my grammar and writing skills as I still make mistakes.

We, as writers should strive to lift people up, to always write the truth and stay  away from plagiarism.

We  should  pray to God for all the wisdom to enable us to inform, inspire and guide people and to protect us from thoughts which may prompt us to write something which can have negative impact on the lives of others.


Photo via pixabay