What is the purpose of our life?

purpose of our life

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated—-Confucius

Just take a moment to think about this. You are playing on the seaside with your friends or family members or just enjoying that snowfall in your favorite hills admiring the wonderful creation of God.

You do not have financial worries, personal or family tensions. No regrets, no guilt, no grudges. You are living perfectly in the present enjoying every moment.

That is the desire deep inside our heart to have maximum peace which we  are destined to have. Just imagine how the life would be if it becomes a reality.  But in the fast pace of life we fail to understand this and lose our innocence because we have matured.

We plan to take a break and keep on postponing. Then we suddenly realize that we have lost too much.

Living the life fully in the present is undoubtedly the most powerful way to lead a life of purpose and fulfillment. We may achieve extraordinary and sometimes unbelievable results when we put focused efforts keeping our mind in the present. That is the real skill.

Think about our ancestors. How much strength they had. The simple reason for this was that they lived close to nature. They knew the purpose of life.

There were no machines, no idiot box to put poison in their minds (for which  we pay these days). God never made us to live in such a mental rut. He made us to lead a purposeful life. That is why He created  this wonder–the HUMAN.

He gave us all the power of this universe which is lying within us. The day we realize this, we shall break all the bonds and will be flying like eagles.

All the religions on this earth keep  reminding us about the purpose of our life. So there is a need to put some speed breakers. And then we can focus on activities which give us mental peace.

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