WARNING! Is Your Computer Affecting Your Health?

computer affecting your health

Are you spending too much time on computer having sleepless nights?

Is excessive use of computer affecting  your health and social life?

Do you have mood swings if you are away from the internet?

Are you using computer to escape reality?

Have you  developed the habit of procrastination and ignore so many important things which need your attention?

These could be the signs of computer addiction.

Undoubtedly, internet has become an important part of our life. Use of computers is increasing day by day. It makes things easier for us and saves a lot of time but  there is always a fine line between using computers sensibly and having internet addiction.

How is computer affecting your health?
  • Extra body weight.
  • Slowed metabolism.
  • Neck, back and posture problems.
  • Vision problems
  • Computer related stress.

And many more….

You should take care and follow these steps  to avoid any harmful effects of excessive use of computer.

  • Remind yourself that life is awesome. Don’t waste it by digital distraction . Go to see places and make friends. Live life fully.
  • Though working on computer may not cause permanent vision disorders, you may have short-term problems like dryness, itching and eye strain. So take good care of your eyes.
  • When using computer, remember 20/20 rule— walk 20 steps after every 20 minutes for better blood circulation and less muscle fatigue.
  • Try a standing laptop desk which is the healthier option.
  • Learn to lead a simple life. Take a break for a day or two without computer.
  • Make it sure to have the required amount of sleep.
  • Do physical exercise  for at least 30 minutes daily.
  • Set time limits for particular internet sessions. Setting an alarm is a good strategy.
  • Get involved in some offline activity or hobby.
  • Be spiritual and start enjoying the beauty of nature.


*Photo by jfcherry at flickr by CC/2.0

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