Top 3 Skills You Need To Be Successful

Do you know why people fail to be successful despite all the hard work?

That is because they fail to develop the super basic skills required to get what they want.

When you look at the lives of successful people, they have something in common.

They follow the success principles.

God has created us equal and you too can be successful if you develop the success skills and these 3 are at the top of the list.

1. Understand the science of psycho-cybernetics

In 1960, Maxwell Maltz wrote a book titled Psycho-cybernetics. He mentions that human beings are goal oriented like a guided missile set to hit a fixed target.

According to Maxwell, our subconscious mind acts like a cybernetic mechanism working continuously helping you to achieve your goals no matter how big they are. You just have to fix your goal.


Goal setting  is one of the most important skills you can develop to ensure success in life. Being unsure of your purpose in life is one of the major roadblocks to success.

If you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and make focused efforts, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

When you set goals, you give yourself  deadlines and start approaching your tasks differently. You forget about the amount of work and instead focus on how much time you need to spend for its completion.

Parkinson’s law:

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

You must read the powerful book ‘Goals!’ by Brian Tracy.  Following the practical strategies suggested by him, you will be able to achieve every goal you want.

2. Do you know why the horse wears blinders?

These are squares of firm leather attached to the bridle at the sides of the horse’s head. As horses have peripheral vision, blinders make them stay focused, otherwise, they can go off course.

Same happens when you are chasing your dreams. You can go off track and forget where you are headed to.

You are likely to face challenges while chasing your dreams and  have to accept these as part of your life. No one is ever going to have perfect circumstances. Take these as bumps on the road.

You may also get distracted by what others are doing or what they expect from you. This will take you away from your goals. Always believe in yourself and keep your goals fresh in your mind. Be determined and you will be successful.

Be successful

Create a burning desire towards your goals. You may be living in an association of negative people whom you can not avoid. So, you need to be so mentally strong that you are able to overcome the influence of these people. For this, you must have a personal development routine.

And, when you are confident about your strategies, don’t stop just because others don’t like it. Don’t let people bring you down. Be strong and keep moving forward. Your unshakable confidence and  belief in your goals will help you to be successful in all your pursuits.

It is  equally important to keep reviewing your plan of action as you may be making  mistakes or may have chosen the wrong path. This will help you to take better decisions and to avoid costly mistakes.

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Some suggestions to help you stay focused and to be successful:
  • You need to associate with people who share your vision and have faith in you.
  • Have  a good self-image and strengthen your mind. For this, do personal development activities on daily basis.
  • Be committed and develop a keen sense of self-discipline.

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3. A lesson you should learn from the boxers

Only boxers know how painful it is in the boxing ring fighting with a strong opponent. Every round is challenging as there is so much pain and fatigue.

But, they continue the fight until the bell rings in spite of getting hurt and injured.

They  don’t exit during the rounds.


Read these inspiring lines by Mohammed Ali, the three times world heavyweight boxing champion:

I hated every minute of training but I said,’ Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ Just keep faith in God and yourself.

Once you have fixed your goals, you should never give up. Temporary failures should not stop you from achieving your goals.

Be successful





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  1. This is really a very lovely and motivational post mate,
    And i agree with all the points. Indeed, its not always easy to achieve goals but if you make it very simple for yourself, it will make the whole process less difficult.

    However, no matter how hard it may seem, if you’re determined to achieving it with the right mindset and will power, you will definitely get there.

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