Take Bold Decisions To Protect Your Mind


Protect your mind

It is a virtue to ignore the negative behavior of others to protect your mind. You should  have a forgiving nature without any grudges and resentments. But there is a difference between goodness and cowardice. Being positive does not mean that you become  victim of those who  have ill feelings about you.

This attitude may affect you and your family  in the long run. It is your duty to take decisions about what kind of relations you want to keep while dealing with people who purposely try to play games with you. You have to watch the behavior of others in your contacts and take bold and sometimes tough decisions to protect your mind.

Association has a great impact  on our personality. In an effort to make people comfortable, we sometimes ignore their onslaughts and keep associating with them for life. This can be damaging. Maintaining a positive mindset should be our top priority.

Though it is good  not to get into arguments but you can not afford to put at risk your own character. Relationships should help and not hurt you. Be aware of the people you surround yourself with.

You need to take life  seriously. Remember, you have only one life. It is your responsibility to keep yourself mentally healthy and to guard your character.

You have to understand and value the importance of time which is a treasure. And, it can not be left at the mercy of negative people who spread mood infections.

 If you are associating with people who have serious drawbacks in their personalities, take a bold decision to say no to these relationships. Lacking courage to do so makes you mentally weak and you end up making poor life decisions for which you have to repent for  life.

You must protect your mind.


Photo via pixabay