Strengthen Armour — Neutralize Negative Attacks

NegativePeople waste their precious time as they get emotionally hurt by the comments made by negative people. They get so much influenced by this negative behavior that they become victims of  negative  thoughts like grudges and resentment. They forget  those lessons of positive thinking and are driven out of their routine of personal development.

Life is not to be wasted by bothering about the negative people who distract you away from your targets. People who don’t have any concern about your ambitions do not deserve any attention. We have to guard our thinking because thoughts shape destiny.

We can not end negatives from our life. What we can do is to change our reaction. The real test of our mental strength is  not to get disturbed by discouragements.

Though it is best to avoid association with negative people but sometimes it becomes unavoidable when they are in the family or at the workplace. We have to make our mental muscles so strong that no one should be able to disturb our mental peace or distract us from our work.

It’s not going to be easy because sometimes we are so much perturbed by their words or facial expressions that we allow them to have control over our mindset which they do not deserve.

When you refuse to get  influenced in a negative way you display sheer courage .  In a way you  surround yourself with an armor of will power and mental strength.

Good news is that anyone can wear this armor. Here are a few suggestions which  will strengthen your mind to such an extent that you will be able to control your emotions and become immune to the behavior of negative people thus frustrating those who purposefully try to demoralize you and to belittle your ambitions.

  • If possible, stay away from such people and be in the company of those who are a source of inspiration.
  • Pray —Prayer is a great healer. It will give you immense power.
  • Strictly follow the routine of self-improvement on daily basis.
  • Learn to forgive and do not have grudges and resentments.
  • Set goals— Having big goals in life is in itself a great remedy for all types of negative emotions.


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