Do You Recognize The Power Of Spoken Words?

Spoken wordsWhatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill –Buddha

Words  have a deep impact on our lives. We rarely think about the power of spoken words as speaking is as natural as breathing. If we understand this, our lives would be better.

Your words can either motivate others or suck the positive energy out of them. Some people purposely use abusive and hurtful words. They get strange kind of feeling by hurting others. They even go to the extent of wishing or praying bad things for others.

Nothing can spoil your relationships than using negative words as it brings disappointment thereby influencing the behavior of others. If you work on improving your language, you can  improve the quality of your relationships.

Normally when you ask people to speak positive they would ignore your suggestions because they think it’s useless. When they speak negative, it is a description of their ego and nothing else. They damage their own personality  by speaking bad language.

Parents must understand the power of spoken words for the well-being of their children.

The words that parents use have a positive or negative effect on children’s lives. Be careful about what you say to your children. They copy  your actions and behavior. Don’t teach the next gen to be harsh on others.

You have to be a  source of inspiration for your child. It is your responsibility to raise emotionally healthy children.

Resolve not to speak negative for your and your family’s better future. Watch what you speak as it may turn into a reality.

Sweet words make you sweeter. Utter words which inspire and motivate others. You will  bring positive energy into your life and will become a lovable human being.

Distribute love not hatred.


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