Pranayama For Powerful Creative Visualization


Pranayamas (breathing exercises), a part of yoga system are extremely helpful to keep ourselves in a state of perfect health. Ancient Hindu saints used  to practise pranayama to stay healthy and to have a tranquil mind.

When you breathe deeply doing pranayama, you inhale oxygen which goes to every cell of your body. This also makes your mind  calm and relaxed. Your concentration level reaches  a  new level. You are better able to use the power of imagination.

If you are not in a state of deep meditation and worship while doing pranayama, you can use this time to do creative visualization and self talk.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is a powerful skill to see the visual images in your mind of the life of your dreams. You feel and experience it with intense belief as if it is happening now.

There is nothing new about it. We all do visualization everyday either knowingly or unknowingly. The main thing about creative visualization is to be aware of the power of thoughts. Then we creatively imagine about the kind of life we want.

When combined with positive affirmations it turns into a very effective way to bring positive changes in nearly any area of our life. I will not go into the details of this. There are many good  websites where you can find  information on this topic like here.

Do creative visualization after completing pranayama. Make sure there is no disturbance. You will have better focus and clarity. Positive thoughts during pranayama are at a deeper level.

Imagine that you have inhaled  the positive energy of the universe and that  every cell of your body is rejuvenated. Picture yourself in ideal health both physically and mentally.

Imagine a new reality for yourself. Feel it from your heart. Think and visualize with 100% belief. Feel that all your dreams have been fulfilled and you are living a life full of abundance.

The daily practice of creative visualization with pranayama will have a highly positive impact on your life.

Remember, you become what you think.

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