15 Ways To Avoid Getting Lost Into The Jungle Of Negative Thoughts

Have you ever experienced the onslaught of negative and self-defeating thoughts?

And, found yourself helpless?

Does this  happen especially in the early morning?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You are not the only one.

Morning depression is known as  diurnal mood variation. People feel paralyzed as there are significantly more negative thoughts in the morning as compared to rest of the day. Sometimes this continues for the day and you lose your concentration. This makes everything harder and you fail to complete important tasks as scheduled.

You start thinking about the unpleasant experiences and worrying about the future. One negative thought attract another until you feel trapped in the jungle of negative thoughts.

Negative thoughtsYou have to watch your thoughts in the early  morning. If first two hours of the day are spent wisely, the rest of the day looks pretty great. But if you become victim of negative and destructive thoughts, you stay depressed for rest of the day.

Remember, we attract what we think. That is why negative thoughts are so dangerous. You have to shift your mind towards positive thinking because negative thoughts harm not only your mind but pose a threat to your future as well.

Before we learn how to overcome negative thoughts, we must understand the  reasons why we get overpowered by such thoughts.

Some of these are:

A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their kind.

JAMES ALLEN, As a Man Thinketh

  • Dissatisfaction from life because of unpleasant  circumstances and experiences.
  • Unhappy married life.
  • Living in a negative environment.
Though it may seem to be difficult to overcome negative thoughts but it’s not. In fact it gets easier if you follow these suggestions:

1. Get spiritual

Sometimes you are in a situation where you find yourself unable to find any solution. You are under so much stress that you tend to forget all the lessons of positive thinking.

Your routine is disturbed  and you find yourself helpless. This is the time when you need to have  intense faith in God and submit to His will. When you have a spiritual routine, you gain power to control your mind.

2. Do creative visualization and positive affirmations

Make it a daily habit and see the results for yourself. Be determined that you will not allow negative thoughts to overpower you.

Repeat these lines from the  book ‘What to say when you talk to yourself’ by Dr. Shad Helmstetter.Negative thoughts

3. Tackle problems which cause worry

Don’t linger on. Habit of procrastination makes things even worse. So, develop  a ‘do-it-now’ attitude.

4. Be financially strong

Financial worries are one of the major causes of depression.

5. Shift your paradigm

Sometimes a simple paradigm shift may be helpful. You start looking at the same situation differently. To understand how a paradigm shift can change your life, watch this video:

6. Be a travel enthusiast

My friend recently gave a useful tip to me. Whenever he feels situations are out of control he packs his bag and leaves for the hill station which is 3 hours drive from his home. Nature  has a healing effect.

7. Feel gratitude

Whenever you feel overpowered by negative thoughts, immediately start thinking about something you can be thankful for. It is impossible to think two thoughts at a time.

8. Get up

When you start thinking negative, jump out of your seat or bed and start doing anything that makes you feel good.

9. Break the cycle

One thing which I have personally tried and can assure you that it works is aggressive physical exercise or a brisk walk. The purpose is to break the cycle of negative thinking. Once you do this, you have better control over your mind and  can turn it towards positive things.

10. Self improvement

Remember, if you are not doing personal development activities, you will find it very difficult to overcome any negative thoughts. If you want to control your thoughts, you will have to build your mental muscles which requires consistent, disciplined action on daily basis. This should be a part of your life.Negative thoughts

11. Concentration exercise

Its extremely powerful. You won’t believe the extraordinary will power you will have once you start doing concentration exercises daily.

12. Reading habit

Make a daily routine to do things like reading books or listening to audio/video that put positive thoughts in your mind.

13. Stay occupied

This will help to keep yourself positive. People who have a busy routine are less prone to depression and negative thinking.

14. Find a purpose in life

Fix a goal. This will help you keep focused on the possibilities of future.

15. Learn to live in the present

Guilt feelings about your past and worries about future are not good for your mindset. Don’t spoil today thinking about past mistakes. Do you want to repent tomorrow for the time you are wasting now or want to make full use of the present time?


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