Make Your Plane Ride Productive And Enjoyable

Plane ride

When you are flying, you are alone with your thoughts throughout the journey. Some people get bored and exhausted while traveling long haul. Instead of sitting like a dummy or wasting time by trying to keep yourself busy, you can use these hours to release your unlimited creative energy.

When you are closer to nature, your concentration is at such a level that you receive great insights, thus finding ways to deal with your life challenges. Nature starts to co-operate with your efforts and you start getting stimulation to keep your ideas moving. Once it starts, write all your ideas and inspirations on a piece of paper.

Also write about your problems, list of all pending works and the required actions. When you start writing, you will be making a list of so many things which otherwise you would have ignored. You will also find ways to solve the problems which never seemed to have any solutions.

Some tips to make your plane ride enjoyable:
  • Instead of reading  magazine, study an inspirational book as your concentration level is at its best. I always carry a book whenever I travel.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as you can suffer from dehydration because of lack of humidity in the cabin air. So keep drinking water(not too much) or electrolytes throughout the flight.
  •  Avoid drinking alcohol as it is a depressant and can make your plane ride unpleasant. Moreover, alcohol and beverages can aggravate dehydration.
  • Feel the vastness of God’s universe, watch different shapes of clouds. It is an amazing experience when you watch into the sky from your plane window.
  • Do frequent stretching for proper blood circulation. This will make you feel less tired.
  • Talk to the fellow fliers. Try to make new friends.
  • Take photographs as memories of your plane ride.
  • Enjoy  good sleep  in a long flight.

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Photo via pixabay