Lagging behind in Life? Its time to reassess yourself

The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail———-Napoleon Hill

Lagging Behind

We all have goals in life but why do we sometimes fail to achieve them in spite of working so hard? We have to think why our efforts have not yielded the desired results and why are we lagging behind. Though circumstances do play a significant role, we can not use that as an excuse.

We all  face setbacks in the journey of success. We learn from our failures. Rather, it is an inevitable part of achieving goals. And temporary defeat is not failure.

If we are lagging behind, we should not blame circumstances or others for our failure. We should focus on making new plans.So we need to sit down and reassess ourselves.

Because if we continue to repeat the same actions which have not yielded the desired results, we cannot expect different results in the future. We have to stop persisting with actions that do not contribute to the achievement of our goals.

We must pursue our goals in a serious and methodical manner. Remember, the price of failure is more than the price of success.

So we have to pause, analyze our plans and make required improvements. If we keep obsessing about  past failures it will sap our energy and we would not be able to do our best.

We should start  introspection and seriously think about what went wrong. We need to pinpoint all the weaknesses and work diligently on removing them step by step.

When we can not figure out the exact cause of lagging behind in life, then we need focused thinking.

The best way  to do this is to sit down with a piece of paper and note down the reasons for lagging behind. You have to take full responsibility. Be honest with yourself and write every reason that comes to your mind.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I serious about my dreams? Do I have a burning desire? Did I  set proper goals?
  • Did I apply the relevant success principles?
  • Did I waste my time because of lack of consistency and procrastination?
  • Did I give my best?
  • Do I need to upgrade any skills?

Plus your own personal reasons best known to you. This brainstorming is essential in rethinking our strategy for success.

Of course you may find that somethings were beyond your control. Your focus should be on improving the things which are in your control.

We all try to work hard but sometimes we are not aware of the success principles that we need to apply. Reading books, articles, blogs and watching or listening to multimedia programs on this topic can be of a great help.

Make your new master plan of action and resolve not to repeat the previous mistakes. This time with firm determination to finish it off.




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