Procrastination? It’s Action Time

 Take action. No procrastination    

        “Procrastination is like a credit card .  It’s a lot of fun until you get the bill”……Christopher Parker

Procrastination is at the top of  the list of bad habits. We tend to find means of escapism and not facing unpleasant situations. Instead of avoiding, we should take action solve problems so that we can concentrate on other important areas of  life. 

We have to realize that by delaying, we only increase the size of our problems especially when we postpone looking into the health issues of self and family. It will not only make things more difficult but might prove to be detrimental  to our success.


You are lucky if you learned the lessons of positive thinking. You will ultimately change your life for the better if you are following those principles. But does that mean that you  procrastinate by ignoring challenges which need urgent attention just because these might put negative thoughts in your mind?

People start to enjoy reading books on positive attitude so much that they forget to apply those principles. They read it like a novel. And when someone tries to draw their attention towards any problems which need to be resolved, they simply ignore because they feel uncomfortable.

If you are reading personal development books, you should not read for more than one hour daily because our mind has to absorb the idea and most importantly we need to apply what we have learned. Apply what you learn because knowledge without action is worthless. Applied knowledge is power.

If we linger on looking at our problems, we are going to create a mess. Just think about the consequences if we delay. Start taking action now. Make a list of all pending works. Do one important work daily for the next thirty days. By doing this, you will develop a lifelong habit of completing your tasks well before time.

Stop being selfish by procrastinating.  

Photo via pixabay