How Green Grocers Are My Source Of Inspiration

green grocers

We often complain of getting tired and think it’s too much work. Sometimes we start disliking our profession or get over concerned with health issues.

Look at  the daily wage laborers  who are working day and night. Our hard work seems to be nothing compared to their toil.

Every Sunday, the lane ways  at the back of my house are transformed into a vegetable market. More than 50 green grocers set up their roadside vegetable stands as people buy fresh vegetables and fruits at cheaper rates.

The green grocers start arriving on  Sunday, 2.00 o’clock in the morning to set up their stands as customers start  coming at 5 am. This market closes at 10 pm. Then they get ready for the next day’s work and follow the same routine, 7 days a week, in different localities of the city.

So  when ever I feel tired or frustrated, I go out and look at their continuous and untiring  labor. They laugh and enjoy their work, living in the present moment. Many dozing off  in the afternoon when there is no rush. I get so much inspired and learn life lessons from them.

I feel amazed at their outstanding selling skills which they learned on their own without any formal training.  A perfect place for aspiring marketers to learn some practical lessons.

When I see the green grocers, I ask myself these questions:
  • How much time do they have to worry and  to enjoy the luxury of negative thoughts?
  • Do they need to learn about stress management?
  • Can they suffer from insomnia?
  • If I have the same energy level and put the same amount of labor in my business, what would the results  be?


Photo via pixabay