Habit of Daily Gratitude Can Transform Your Life


Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for    …….Zig Ziglar

There are things in life that we take  for granted and forget to thank God for His blessings. Instead, we feel discontented  about what we don’t have. We need to stop complaining  and to avoid  trifles which really don’t matter in life and to be thankful for everything we have.

We simply ignore the countless blessings of God. Just go to a hospital and look at the wailing patients in the critical ward who are unable to move to realize about what God has blessed you with.

We have lots of responsibilities in life, towards ourselves and for those who rely upon us. We all want to be successful and contribute to social causes. This becomes difficult with ill-health. But how many times do we thank God for our healthy body?

Never get out of your bed in the morning without expressing gratitude to God. Gratitude is the best prayer.  The greatest virtue you can have is to look for the positive even in most challenging situations and be thankful for that.

Whenever you feel frustrated or depressed, sit down and start thinking about the things you can be thankful for. This will have a great healing effect. Once you develop the habit of counting your blessings, you will have peace of mind.

Why Gratitude?
  •   Grateful people receive bounteous blessings of God.
  •   Gratitude fills our mind with feelings of love and happiness.
  •  Gratitude has the power to change our lives.
  •  People who feel gratitude, find it easy to manage stress.
  •  Gratitude makes us  mentally and spiritually strong.

I love this  famous sikh quote :

Gratitude in glorious  times

Prayer in adversities

Always in remembrance of  God

 Photo via pixabay