Are You Consuming Enough Spiritual Calories?

I bow at His Feet constantly, and pray to Him, the Guru, the True Guru, has shown me the Way.              Guru Nanak

Our bodies need food to survive. The minimum requirement is 1200 calories to stay active and healthy. If we don’t consume enough calories and nutrients, we are at a risk of becoming weaker and sick. We all know that.

But how many times do we realize the importance of spiritual and mental strength to face the challenges and to lead a happy, fulfilled life? Even if we are aware of this, we fail to build the simple habits to develop the mind and soul power. We need to incorporate these habits into our daily routine.

Just like we need food for our body, we also need food for our soul. If you consume your spiritual food daily, you will be so mentally strong that you are able to face life challenges with courage. God will protect you in every situation.

If only God had created taste buds for spiritual food.

If you are not taking spiritual food, you allow yourself to be overtaken by negative thoughts. This is the result of retarded spiritual progress. That is why spirituality should be integrated in your daily life. Spirituality is as necessary as food. It is our daily bread.

So what should be the least required calories of your spiritual food? Well, there is no way to calculate this. The whole point is that you should spend some specified time in spiritual growth, preferably in the morning.

Start devoting at least 10 minutes daily then try to increase the duration. The great thing about spiritual food is that there is no limit. Consume as much as you can.

This is possible if we feel love for God. Would you go to meet someone you love or do you force yourself to meet him? If you love God you will devote more time because then you would like to be in the company of your friend, your parent – The Almighty.

So, make spirituality a part of your daily routine.

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