The Dilemma Of Being A Writer

writerWe all stand on the shoulders of giants. It is the wisdom of the ages, distilled by the greats, which is sought to be applied to contemporary problems and issues. This was primarily, my objective of creating this blog.

I am here for a purpose and that purpose  is to inspire people and to help them solve their problems. But I get nervous when I hit the publish button because I know it is not ethical to teach what you are not doing yourself. So I try my best to practice what I write.

What I am trying to do is to pin down my thoughts after introspection. If you find anything useful wouldn’t it be selfishness not to share with others so that they pick  what is useful in their own context for their own improvement?

So  I felt I should share my thoughts with the world. Because when I write I am not only writing for my readers but for myself as well. Though it is not easy, I am trying to incorporate these into my own life. I also hope to benefit from ideas and experiences of others. This is a part of my unending journey of self-improvement – the onward movement.

But sometimes I fail to practice what I  write in my articles which makes me think that I  should stop writing all this. And when I think about the people who  find my articles  helpful in solving their life problems, I want to write more.

Writing reflects inner feelings, wisdom and life experiences of the writer. A True writing is one which transforms the reader as well as the writer himself. I have  learned from my experience that best learning comes from writing as it gives us a better understanding about ourselves.

I consider it as an achievement, so I will keep on writing for my readers.


Photo via pixabay