10 Ways To Break The Success Barrier That Makes You Look Stupid

success barrierDo you know what is the major success barrier that keeps people from achieving their goals?

It is the emotional and mental weakness.

World is full of unsuccessful people with talent. It is a pity to see  their potential going waste because of poor attitudes.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude…… Thomas Jefferson

Life challenges  are a test of your mental toughness. The thoughts of fear, guilt, uncertainties etc. stop you from making progress in life. Sometimes, intense negative thoughts make you feel paralyzed and out of control and you start ignoring important things.

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And, when you keep procrastinating, things become worse which adds to your frustrations. So you need to keep your mind in good shape so that you don’t get distracted from your goals.

That is why strengthening your mind is of utmost importance if you want to be successful in life. Whatever be the situation, you should be able to overcome any success barrier.

Remember, your success is not only important for you but for your family as well. You have to fulfill so many responsibilities in life. You can’t afford to be lethargic because of your mental weakness.

Success Barrier

It is all about thoughts. When you read a motivational book or attend some seminar your mind gets filled with positive thoughts and you feel on top of the world in spite of your current circumstances.

But, how long this motivation lasts? May be few minutes, few hours or even a few days.

Imagine what life would be like if this motivation stays with you forever.

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So, overcome the mental weakness and  keep moving forward to have a fulfilled life you deserve.

Here are some suggestions to overcome the mental weakness so that it is no more a success barrier:
1. Get spiritual

When, you come in God’s shelter nothing can harm you. Miracles start happening in your life. God loves us and does not want us to suffer. So, you must have a spiritual routine. This will give you immense mental strength and extraordinary will power.

success barrier

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2. Be financially stable

When you are in survival mode and are worried about paying the bills, it becomes difficult to focus on your goals. Once you have overcome financial troubles, other things become easier to handle because you can focus better on finding solutions. You become creative too.

3. Realize the power of thoughts

True success is possible if you know how to control your thoughts. Strengthen your mind by doing personal development activities on daily basis. This will  enable you to overcome any negative thoughts. Strong minds with extraordinary will power can do anything in life.

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4. Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm keeps you focused on your goals. It helps you to feel  energetic and to overcome laziness. Enthusiasm not only helps you achieve your goals, it motivates others surrounding you as well. This is because enthusiasm is highly contagious.

Success Barrier

5. Avoid associating with negative people

One thing that really harms your mindset is associating with negative people. You will have a pessimistic attitude towards life if you don’t move away from them.

Negative people will drain your energy and will drag you down into negativity. You have to shield yourself from such people and if possible cut them away from your life.

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6. Value your time

All successful people are experts in time management skills which helps them achieve high levels of performance. They don’t take life for granted.

Time is a treasure. Use it wisely. You can’t afford to waste precious years of your life because time never comes back. Your time is your life.

Success Barrier

7. Do not escape.

Avoid procrastination as it weakens your mind and worsen the situation. So, Instead of escaping, deal with life situations with courage. By doing this, you will gain confidence and will get rid of your fears.

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8. Set your priorities

Get organized. Do things first which are of the highest importance. Stephen Covey has divided different tasks in four quadrants:

I.   Important and urgent

II.  Important and not urgent

III. Not important but urgent

IV.  Not important and not urgent

Quadrant I tasks are something which can’t be avoided. You need to spend rest of your time doing tasks falling in quadrant II.

To understand this better, watch this video:

9. Be bold and courageous

Courage and boldness  are the key ingredients in the recipe for success. Strong will power and a determined attitude will help you step out of your comfort zone and to step forward by giving your best.

success barrier

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10. Don’t ignore your health

This is very important. When you are facing life challenges, you should not ignore your health no matter how your circumstances may seem.

Because, when your circumstances change for the better and you have bad health, you can’t enjoy life.

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Watch this video by Dr. Sean Richardson for practical advice to toughen your mind.

So, are you willing to allow yourself to overcome this success barrier?

What commitments are you going to make to yourself?




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