Wow! Audi Invents Environment Friendly Diesel Fuel

environment friendly diesel

This is a great news for those who are worried about climate protection and the future of crude oil. As oil and gas reserves beneath the earth’s surface are declining because of ever-increasing demand, the invention of environment friendly diesel by Audi has given some comfort.

Audi, in partnership with Sunfire, a green tech company has made a great achievement by inventing carbon-neutral alternative diesel made from water, carbon dioxide and renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

Audi calls this ‘blue crude’ which emits no carbon dioxide. Also, this synthetic fuel has superior combustion as compared to the fossil fuels. The e-diesel can be mixed with the existing diesel fuel or can be used on its own.

Watch this video by Sunfire about the details of how this environment friendly diesel is made.




Photo via Pixabay