The Lesser Known Secret To Attracting Abundance And Wealth

Attracting abundance

Are you one of those people who are not receiving good things in life, both socially and personally  despite all of your hard work? It could be that you have blocked yourself from attracting abundance and from getting what you want.

It is an unfortunate thing that we are ignorant of this simple, down to earth action we can take to start attracting abundance  in our lives.

There are countless stories of people who were in serious financial crisis and recovered miraculously simply because they started giving. God helps those who help themselves and others too.

Embed firmly in your mind this secret to attracting abundance:
Attracting abundance and wealth

The more you give, the more you will receive. You can never be in shortage if you start giving today.

This is not about money only. You can help others by giving your time and energy.

Want love? Start loving.

Want to feel inspired? Start giving hope to people.

WARNING:  Never try to serve with the sole expectation that you will get something in return. Don’t try to make a deal out of this.

Once you start doing selfless service soulfully and contribute towards society, you will have peace of mind and there will be showers of blessings.

Sometimes, people become selfish and refuse to give away their money. This is something God does not like at all.

God loves people who give without expecting anything in return. You are doing the work of God by helping His children- the fellow humans.

Attracting abundance

You then become part of that select group of people whom God sends as messengers, to those whose prayers are answered.

It is a way to extend gratitude to God for all His blessings. He never expects anything in return, but  definitely  wants you to help those who are suffering or are in need.

When you start giving, nature opens the doors for you, to feel and have abundance in your life.

  • The habit of giving is not developed by your own efforts. You need blessings of God to do this. Those near to His heart are blessed with the virtue of helping others or thought of this would never come to your mind.
  • The moment you help someone, you have a deep sense of satisfaction.

With sharing, we can make this world a better place  where people are kind and helpful to others irrespective of geographical boundaries, religion, caste and color. If everyone had this attitude, imagine what a beautiful  world we would live in.

Attracting abundance


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