Accept Responsibility For Your Life – No Excuses

Accept responsibility

When you accept responsibility for your life, you become more creative.  You become aware that  it is only up to you to change your life. It is human tendency to blame people or circumstances.

This is one of the major causes of stress which is not good. Instead of blaming others for your failures,  you should realize that you are where you are because of what you did in the past.

Accept responsibility

If you accept responsibility, you will try to improve yourself so that you never repeat the same mistakes. This is how you can take control over your life. How can you improve yourself if you do not accept responsibility for your actions?

When you blame someone, you become overpowered by the negative feelings which will give you more pain. Life situations  do not change just by blaming. The simple act of accepting responsibility replaces these feelings with positive ones which helps you to take charge of your life.

Sometimes you feel that blaming is justified when you become victim of negative people or of negative environment. This may be true. What you need to realize is that it was your weakness. When you can not control circumstances, you are responsible for how you respond to these situations.

You can not leave your life at the mercy of people who are bent upon harming you. You have to be so mentally and spiritually strong that no one can influence your mindset and even think of playing games with you.

If you have suffered failures in life,  you should think and analyze which mistakes you did. Then take a firm decision not to repeat these mistakes. If you feel someone has harmed you, think about how you can deal with him in the future.

Your personality should be such that no one should even dare think of exploiting you. Give the impression of being a strong and confident human being.

So, stop blaming anyone, don’t live in the past and get rid of the feelings of resentment. Accept responsibility for your life.


Photo via Pixabay