6 Killer Websites To Help You Go Vegan Once And For All

Go Vegan

My body will not be a tomb for other creatures—Leonardo Da Vinci

Do you feel that you should go vegan but find it difficult to stop eating meat?

Going vegan may seem to be harder but with guidance and support it becomes easier than expected.

When you realize where the food on your plate comes from, you will feel sympathy for animals and will  think again about eating meat.

The  resources listed below will help you make the compassionate choice to go vegan once and for all.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided below is correct at the time of this blog post and is based upon what is mentioned in the listed websites.


People For Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) is a world level organization working to save animals from suffering and to create a kinder, better world for them. This is a huge knowledge resource with a rich archive of articles, videos, investigations and much more.

2. Mercy For Animals

‘Mercy For Animals’ is a  nonprofit dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals, urging people to stop eating meat. Get inspired to go vegan by watching the heart wrenching videos showing cruelty to animals. They have also given  links to their 7 other sites like walmartcruelty.com

3.Vegan Society

Go vegan in 30 days with the 30 day vegan pledge. Sign up for the vegan pledge to receive regular tips and support to stay vegan. Support materials like vegan magazine, books, videos and leaflets make it easier for you to adopt the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan society was founded in 1944 and the story continues to promote veganism as a mainstream way of life.

 4. Explore veg

  • Educating people through their public outreach about farmed animal suffering.
  • Outreach work like food giveaways to convince people that vegans too can have their favorite foods.
  • Educational programs about vegan cooking, factory farming or animal behavior.
  • Community building
  • Useful resources for activists.

 5. Vegan Outreach

This is a U.S. based nonprofit organization founded in 1993 to move society away from eating animals and their products. They have a dedicated team of volunteers and coordinators who distribute booklets  to promote plant-based diet. Also find delicious vegan recipes here. Vegan health is another website owned by them.

 6. Vegan

Making vegan easy. This site has useful information to educate us about the latest things in the vegan world and has the guides(living, food, local city and nutrition), tips, videos, recipes and much more.

 Now, your next step?

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