3 Reasons Why Old Age Homes Are Increasing In India

old age homes in India

In India, parents are considered as next to God. Here, people respect their parents so much that they consider it a sin to disobey them.

Indian parents expect their children to look after them in old age. When their son gets married, they are overjoyed by the arrival of the daughter in law, feeling more secure and comfortable.

Most of the Indian families take good care of their elders but unfortunately there are people who treat their parents as liabilities making them feel neglected.

Hundreds of organizations are working to make life easy for destitute parents by developing old age homes in India.

Of course, there are rare cases when parents themselves prefer the privacy of old age homes but in the majority of cases, it is the cold attitude of children that forces parents to move to these homes.

Because of the following reasons, elderly people take the painful decision to move to the old age homes in India:
  • Sometimes grown-ups fail to realize their duty and are so much engrossed in their personal lives that they feel  it a burden to keep the parents with them. They feel it as an interference in their personal lives and eventually tell their parents that they can not keep them.
  • The ego clash between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law causes too much stress in the house and the situation comes at such the worst that they can not live together.
  • New  generation is becoming more materialistic and their attitude towards parents is changing. They seem to have lost their patience.

It’s not an easy decision for the parents. But, they have to move to these houses when they can no longer tolerate the insult or they are told by their stone-hearted children to leave the house. Old age home is their last resort or where else would they go?

People must realize their responsibility towards the parents who need physical and emotional support in the late years of their life.

Old Age Homes In India

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