10 Ways To Build Courage

CourageWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going. Joseph P. Kennedy

When times are good we feel strong and are able to motivate others about how to think positively. However, our real test lies in how we face life’s challenges.

Analyze what is the worst that could happen. When you are best prepared for the worst then you have a practical approach towards each situation.

Danger or failure is not what comes but how you react to the situations. No failings should be enough to detract  you from subsequent efforts to win. You should learn from failings, regain strength and get what we want.

You have to be very strong.  When you feel others around you may be affected by the challenge then you have to be a rock. Have a ‘come what may’ attitude.

The good news is that everyone has the ability to become bold and courageous.

Over millennia human beings have developed flight or fight response when confronted with  failure or danger. Ever wondered why some people fight and some try to escape?

Here are some  reasons:

  • When there is expectation of success, you don’t have anxiety and have a sense of assurance which reverses by failures. Sense of assurance is replaced by anxiety of failure. Therefore, confidence decreases.
  •  We are not clear about our goals. When we are focused on our goals then distractions don’t matter.
  • Bravery is innate and genetic to some degree.
  • People who have fight response have a strong will power.
  • Childhood education and upbringing where parents are a model of courage, play an important role.

 How to build courage?

  1. Faith in God empowers us with incredible strength to deal with difficult situations. Here comes the role of spirituality in our life. If we tread the spiritual path and remember the almighty when times are good we may not have to face certain problems or at least have the mental strength and peace of mind to better deal with adversities.
  2. “Is my response flight or fight?” By consciously asking yourself this question in the face of challenges, you will get the answer if you really want to fly. Choose fight over flight.
  3. Be like a warrior who practices daily because he wants himself to be ready for the enemy attacks. Same way we need to work on strengthening our mind to such a level that we are unshaken when countered with tough times.
  4. Get inspired by the heroic historical characters like the martyrs of Sikh history.
  5. There is a connection between courage and confidence. Confidence means not being scared. So do things which give you confidence.
  6. When you discuss your problems with  a trusted fellow, the stress level is reduced and you get moral support.
  7. Be in the company  of enthusiastic people who are in the fight group because excitement is contagious.
  8. Start believing in yourself. Have a high self image.
  9. Practice of deep breathing has a tremendous positive effect on mindset. So make it your daily routine.
  10. Science has proved that music has a healing power. Listening to good music can lift your mood which ultimately helps to replace the feelings of fear and doubt with feelings of faith. This will help to build courage.



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