10 Powerful Tips To Let Go Of Past Worries

Past worries

There is no future in spending our present worrying about our past —Tom Wilson

Quite a popular and highly useful saying  —–“Past is gone, future is uncertain, live in the present”.  Well, easier said than done.

Everyone wants to enjoy life but one of the major obstacles is living in the past prison. Thinking about something which does not exist now bothers people more than anything else. Sometimes it might waste months and even years. Guilt feeling because of this is quite destructive.

So, let us not allow these negative thoughts to steal our joy and distract us from doing what we want.

Some practical tips which I hope shall help you to let go of past worries:
1. Have feelings of gratitude

Whenever you start thinking about past mistakes and have guilt feeling, switch to better thoughts of gratitude. Remember the good things that happened in your life and sincerely  feel gratitude for that. When you thank God for His blessings you are going to receive more. This sudden shift of thought will have a miraculous effect.

2. Prepare your own  self talk script

This is really powerful to get rid of past worries. Repeat your affirmation loudly once in the morning after you wake up and secondly before going to sleep at night. You can also read this or add your own words to it.

“I am thankful to God for all His blessings. That is why I always think positive. I have  learned to live in the present and that is what I do. So I always feel happy and peaceful.” 

While  doing this self talk, always believe in what you are saying and actually feel that way. Without feeling it won’t be much effective or may not yield any positive results at all.

3. Be spiritual

This will strengthen your mind. By doing meditation daily, you will develop very strong will power. You will  actually be able to control your thoughts and meet any goal you set for yourself.

Make a disciplined daily routine of worship and prayer. Prayer gives you immense power. You are sometimes blessed with things which seemed impossible to you, if the prayer is intense enough and from the depth of  your heart. If possible, have a separate room or a corner in your house for this where you do not have any distractions.

4. Creative  visualization

Like self talk, you should preferably do creative visualization twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. To do this, first relax and close your eyes. I prefer doing yoga shavasna.

Feel yourself in the natural surroundings  with total peace. Once you feel relaxed, imagine yourself actually doing what you wish to. Now feel, really feel as living  in the present moment, happy and cheerful.

Do this for 30 days daily and you will get amazed by the results. Make it a lifetime habit.

5. Concentration Exercises

Just as physical exercise builds muscles of our body, concentration exercise builds our mental muscles. When, your mental muscles are strong you can overcome  past worries  very easily.

Daily practice for even one or two minutes will have immense positive results. There are many techniques to do this. Choose whichever method you like. For example, you can concentrate on the petal of a beautiful flower.

Do not control any thoughts coming to your mind. Just let them pass. With practice you will notice that almost no thoughts enter your mind. Start with doing it for a minute and slowly increase it daily  until you can do it for 15 minutes. You will ultimately be able to gain better control over your thoughts.

6. Start rising early in the morning

Read about the lives of most successful people. They have developed a highly disciplined routine of getting up early in the morning. Join that group. This is the most productive time to do self-improvement activities as there are no distractions.

The whole purpose is to develop physical and mental strength. This will enable you to not only conquer worry but will also help in other areas of your life.

7. Keep a weekly appointment with nature

Nature has a healing power. Once a week,  spend at least half an hour in some natural surroundings.  Visit some farm, some hills  or a beach if it is convenient or just do gardening.

Feel the abundance and cherish the awesome gifts of nature. Just you and nature. No one else. Relish the elegance of flowers and trees. Listen to different sounds of birds. Set yourself free and be a part of it. Regular visits like this will have a powerful healing effect.

8. Set high goals. Keep yourself  busy.

Having an intense desire to meet professional goals helps to cut frustrations. You get focused on the possibilities of the future. Set  high goals and start doing action. Keeping yourself busy in pursuing goals is a highly effective way to release any negative thoughts.

9. Do some charity or open an NGO

When you see the world around you, you realize how much suffering is there. There are countless organizations doing great service to the society.

Choose an area of your interest and get involved. This will give you a sense of purpose. You can offer monetary help or offer your services or skills as a volunteer.

If, you are enterprising enough then start your own NGO. This will ultimately help you to shift your focus from most of  your own worries.

10. Consult an expert counselor

If, you are under too much stress, it is perfectly normal to consult an expert counselor. Though I am sure you won’t need this if you truly follow the above mentioned steps.




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