10 Ways To Break The Success Barrier That Makes You Look Stupid

success barrierDo you know what is the major success barrier that keeps people from achieving their goals?

It is the emotional and mental weakness.

World is full of unsuccessful people with talent. It is a pity to see  their potential going waste because of poor attitudes.

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude…… Thomas Jefferson

Life challenges  are a test of your mental toughness. The thoughts of fear, guilt, uncertainties etc. stop you from making progress in life. Sometimes, intense negative thoughts make you feel paralyzed and out of control and you start ignoring important things.

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And, when you keep procrastinating, things become worse which adds to your frustrations. So you need to keep your mind in good shape so that you don’t get distracted from your goals.

That is why strengthening your mind is of utmost importance if you want to be successful in life. Whatever be the situation, you should be able to overcome any success barrier.

Remember, your success is not only important for you but for your family as well. You have to fulfill so many responsibilities in life. You can’t afford to be lethargic because of your mental weakness.

Success Barrier

It is all about thoughts. When you read a motivational book or attend some seminar your mind gets filled with positive thoughts and you feel on top of the world in spite of your current circumstances.

But, how long this motivation lasts? May be few minutes, few hours or even a few days.

Imagine what life would be like if this motivation stays with you forever.

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So, overcome the mental weakness and  keep moving forward to have a fulfilled life you deserve.

Here are some suggestions to overcome the mental weakness so that it is no more a success barrier:
1. Get spiritual

When, you come in God’s shelter nothing can harm you. Miracles start happening in your life. God loves us and does not want us to suffer. So, you must have a spiritual routine. This will give you immense mental strength and extraordinary will power.

success barrier

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2. Be financially stable

When you are in survival mode and are worried about paying the bills, it becomes difficult to focus on your goals. Once you have overcome financial troubles, other things become easier to handle because you can focus better on finding solutions. You become creative too.

3. Realize the power of thoughts

True success is possible if you know how to control your thoughts. Strengthen your mind by doing personal development activities on daily basis. This will  enable you to overcome any negative thoughts. Strong minds with extraordinary will power can do anything in life.

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4. Be enthusiastic

Enthusiasm keeps you focused on your goals. It helps you to feel  energetic and to overcome laziness. Enthusiasm not only helps you achieve your goals, it motivates others surrounding you as well. This is because enthusiasm is highly contagious.

Success Barrier

5. Avoid associating with negative people

One thing that really harms your mindset is associating with negative people. You will have a pessimistic attitude towards life if you don’t move away from them.

Negative people will drain your energy and will drag you down into negativity. You have to shield yourself from such people and if possible cut them away from your life.

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6. Value your time

All successful people are experts in time management skills which helps them achieve high levels of performance. They don’t take life for granted.

Time is a treasure. Use it wisely. You can’t afford to waste precious years of your life because time never comes back. Your time is your life.

Success Barrier

7. Do not escape.

Avoid procrastination as it weakens your mind and worsen the situation. So, Instead of escaping, deal with life situations with courage. By doing this, you will gain confidence and will get rid of your fears.

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8. Set your priorities

Get organized. Do things first which are of the highest importance. Stephen Covey has divided different tasks in four quadrants:

I.   Important and urgent

II.  Important and not urgent

III. Not important but urgent

IV.  Not important and not urgent

Quadrant I tasks are something which can’t be avoided. You need to spend rest of your time doing tasks falling in quadrant II.

To understand this better, watch this video:

9. Be bold and courageous

Courage and boldness  are the key ingredients in the recipe for success. Strong will power and a determined attitude will help you step out of your comfort zone and to step forward by giving your best.

success barrier

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10. Don’t ignore your health

This is very important. When you are facing life challenges, you should not ignore your health no matter how your circumstances may seem.

Because, when your circumstances change for the better and you have bad health, you can’t enjoy life.

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Watch this video by Dr. Sean Richardson for practical advice to toughen your mind.

So, are you willing to allow yourself to overcome this success barrier?

What commitments are you going to make to yourself?




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Top 3 Skills You Need To Be Successful

Do you know why people fail to be successful despite all the hard work?

That is because they fail to develop the super basic skills required to get what they want.

When you look at the lives of successful people, they have something in common.

They follow the success principles.

God has created us equal and you too can be successful if you develop the success skills and these 3 are at the top of the list.

1. Understand the science of psycho-cybernetics

In 1960, Maxwell Maltz wrote a book titled Psycho-cybernetics. He mentions that human beings are goal oriented like a guided missile set to hit a fixed target.

According to Maxwell, our subconscious mind acts like a cybernetic mechanism working continuously helping you to achieve your goals no matter how big they are. You just have to fix your goal.


Goal setting  is one of the most important skills you can develop to ensure success in life. Being unsure of your purpose in life is one of the major roadblocks to success.

If you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and make focused efforts, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

When you set goals, you give yourself  deadlines and start approaching your tasks differently. You forget about the amount of work and instead focus on how much time you need to spend for its completion.

Parkinson’s law:

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

You must read the powerful book ‘Goals!’ by Brian Tracy.  Following the practical strategies suggested by him, you will be able to achieve every goal you want.

2. Do you know why the horse wears blinders?

These are squares of firm leather attached to the bridle at the sides of the horse’s head. As horses have peripheral vision, blinders make them stay focused, otherwise, they can go off course.

Same happens when you are chasing your dreams. You can go off track and forget where you are headed to.

You are likely to face challenges while chasing your dreams and  have to accept these as part of your life. No one is ever going to have perfect circumstances. Take these as bumps on the road.

You may also get distracted by what others are doing or what they expect from you. This will take you away from your goals. Always believe in yourself and keep your goals fresh in your mind. Be determined and you will be successful.

Be successful

Create a burning desire towards your goals. You may be living in an association of negative people whom you can not avoid. So, you need to be so mentally strong that you are able to overcome the influence of these people. For this, you must have a personal development routine.

And, when you are confident about your strategies, don’t stop just because others don’t like it. Don’t let people bring you down. Be strong and keep moving forward. Your unshakable confidence and  belief in your goals will help you to be successful in all your pursuits.

It is  equally important to keep reviewing your plan of action as you may be making  mistakes or may have chosen the wrong path. This will help you to take better decisions and to avoid costly mistakes.

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Some suggestions to help you stay focused and to be successful:
  • You need to associate with people who share your vision and have faith in you.
  • Have  a good self-image and strengthen your mind. For this, do personal development activities on daily basis.
  • Be committed and develop a keen sense of self-discipline.

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3. A lesson you should learn from the boxers

Only boxers know how painful it is in the boxing ring fighting with a strong opponent. Every round is challenging as there is so much pain and fatigue.

But, they continue the fight until the bell rings in spite of getting hurt and injured.

They  don’t exit during the rounds.


Read these inspiring lines by Mohammed Ali, the three times world heavyweight boxing champion:

I hated every minute of training but I said,’ Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’ Just keep faith in God and yourself.

Once you have fixed your goals, you should never give up. Temporary failures should not stop you from achieving your goals.

Be successful





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Are You Stopping Yourself From Living Life To The Fullest?

Living life to the fullestThere is always tension between the possibilities we aspire to and our wounded memories and past mistakes….    Sean Brady

To err is human. Everyone makes mistakes in life. But, having guilt feelings about past mistakes is one of the major roadblocks to success. You repent so much about your past experiences that you are unable to do your best  thus stopping yourself from living life to the fullest.

Life is too short to worry about things that happened in the past……..Brian Tracy.

The problem aggravates when people keep reminding you of your failures. Don’ t give power to those unpleasant past experiences by reliving them over and over.

You can not run away from your past. Accept it as part of yourself. It is quite natural to get emotionally disturbed by remembering your past mistakes. But, hanging on to past experiences drains your brain of positive energy and gives you pain and regret.

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Guilt feelings have a negative impact on your mindset making you feel worse. You are unable to focus on things at hand. Instead, learn from your past mistakes and do your best not to repeat them.

Living life to the fullest

You must also develop an attitude of gratitude. Instead of remembering bad experiences from your past, be thankful about all the good things that happened in your life. When you express gratitude, you start to put things in their proper perspective.

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Learn to forgive yourself to stop beating yourself up over past mistakes and to live life to the fullest. This will keep your mind free from guilt and you will be able to focus 100%  on the present.

Forgiveness lowers stress levels and has startling health benefits. It also helps you to accept things you can not change.

Living life to the fullest

Appreciate the present when your mind is drawn into negative thinking. By noticing what’s happening in the present, you avoid getting stuck in self-defeating thoughts. Simple acts like concentrating on the flow of your breath can help make you shift your attention to the present moment.

Living life to the fullest

If you keep thinking unpleasant thoughts about your past, you are likely to get trapped in the vicious cycle. The more you repent on past mistakes, the more you waste your present. This means you are going to feel guilty in the future about the things you could not do today. So, you have to learn to live in the present for living life to the fullest.

Brian Tracy suggests in his video to take life one day at a time. Watch this for valuable tips on living life to the fullest.




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15 Ways To Avoid Getting Lost Into The Jungle Of Negative Thoughts

Have you ever experienced the onslaught of negative and self-defeating thoughts?

And, found yourself helpless?

Does this  happen especially in the early morning?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You are not the only one.

Morning depression is known as  diurnal mood variation. People feel paralyzed as there are significantly more negative thoughts in the morning as compared to rest of the day. Sometimes this continues for the day and you lose your concentration. This makes everything harder and you fail to complete important tasks as scheduled.

You start thinking about the unpleasant experiences and worrying about the future. One negative thought attract another until you feel trapped in the jungle of negative thoughts.

Negative thoughtsYou have to watch your thoughts in the early  morning. If first two hours of the day are spent wisely, the rest of the day looks pretty great. But if you become victim of negative and destructive thoughts, you stay depressed for rest of the day.

Remember, we attract what we think. That is why negative thoughts are so dangerous. You have to shift your mind towards positive thinking because negative thoughts harm not only your mind but pose a threat to your future as well.

Before we learn how to overcome negative thoughts, we must understand the  reasons why we get overpowered by such thoughts.

Some of these are:

A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their kind.

JAMES ALLEN, As a Man Thinketh

  • Dissatisfaction from life because of unpleasant  circumstances and experiences.
  • Unhappy married life.
  • Living in a negative environment.
Though it may seem to be difficult to overcome negative thoughts but it’s not. In fact it gets easier if you follow these suggestions:

1. Get spiritual

Sometimes you are in a situation where you find yourself unable to find any solution. You are under so much stress that you tend to forget all the lessons of positive thinking.

Your routine is disturbed  and you find yourself helpless. This is the time when you need to have  intense faith in God and submit to His will. When you have a spiritual routine, you gain power to control your mind.

2. Do creative visualization and positive affirmations

Make it a daily habit and see the results for yourself. Be determined that you will not allow negative thoughts to overpower you.

Repeat these lines from the  book ‘What to say when you talk to yourself’ by Dr. Shad Helmstetter.Negative thoughts

3. Tackle problems which cause worry

Don’t linger on. Habit of procrastination makes things even worse. So, develop  a ‘do-it-now’ attitude.

4. Be financially strong

Financial worries are one of the major causes of depression.

5. Shift your paradigm

Sometimes a simple paradigm shift may be helpful. You start looking at the same situation differently. To understand how a paradigm shift can change your life, watch this video:

6. Be a travel enthusiast

My friend recently gave a useful tip to me. Whenever he feels situations are out of control he packs his bag and leaves for the hill station which is 3 hours drive from his home. Nature  has a healing effect.

7. Feel gratitude

Whenever you feel overpowered by negative thoughts, immediately start thinking about something you can be thankful for. It is impossible to think two thoughts at a time.

8. Get up

When you start thinking negative, jump out of your seat or bed and start doing anything that makes you feel good.

9. Break the cycle

One thing which I have personally tried and can assure you that it works is aggressive physical exercise or a brisk walk. The purpose is to break the cycle of negative thinking. Once you do this, you have better control over your mind and  can turn it towards positive things.

10. Self improvement

Remember, if you are not doing personal development activities, you will find it very difficult to overcome any negative thoughts. If you want to control your thoughts, you will have to build your mental muscles which requires consistent, disciplined action on daily basis. This should be a part of your life.Negative thoughts

11. Concentration exercise

Its extremely powerful. You won’t believe the extraordinary will power you will have once you start doing concentration exercises daily.

12. Reading habit

Make a daily routine to do things like reading books or listening to audio/video that put positive thoughts in your mind.

13. Stay occupied

This will help to keep yourself positive. People who have a busy routine are less prone to depression and negative thinking.

14. Find a purpose in life

Fix a goal. This will help you keep focused on the possibilities of future.

15. Learn to live in the present

Guilt feelings about your past and worries about future are not good for your mindset. Don’t spoil today thinking about past mistakes. Do you want to repent tomorrow for the time you are wasting now or want to make full use of the present time?


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Are You Consuming Enough Spiritual Calories?

I bow at His Feet constantly, and pray to Him, the Guru, the True Guru, has shown me the Way.              Guru Nanak

Our bodies need food to survive. The minimum requirement is 1200 calories to stay active and healthy. If we don’t consume enough calories and nutrients, we are at a risk of becoming weaker and sick. We all know that.

But how many times do we realize the importance of spiritual and mental strength to face the challenges and to lead a happy, fulfilled life? Even if we are aware of this, we fail to build the simple habits to develop the mind and soul power. We need to incorporate these habits into our daily routine.

Just like we need food for our body, we also need food for our soul. If you consume your spiritual food daily, you will be so mentally strong that you are able to face life challenges with courage. God will protect you in every situation.

If only God had created taste buds for spiritual food.

If you are not taking spiritual food, you allow yourself to be overtaken by negative thoughts. This is the result of retarded spiritual progress. That is why spirituality should be integrated in your daily life. Spirituality is as necessary as food. It is our daily bread.

So what should be the least required calories of your spiritual food? Well, there is no way to calculate this. The whole point is that you should spend some specified time in spiritual growth, preferably in the morning.

Start devoting at least 10 minutes daily then try to increase the duration. The great thing about spiritual food is that there is no limit. Consume as much as you can.

This is possible if we feel love for God. Would you go to meet someone you love or do you force yourself to meet him? If you love God you will devote more time because then you would like to be in the company of your friend, your parent – The Almighty.

So, make spirituality a part of your daily routine.

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A Highly Effective Way To Become A Better Parent

When we see families where people show violent, irrational or annoying behavior, that can be traced back to poor parenting attitudes. Parents can not escape the responsibility of instilling bad habits in children.

You must understand the social nature of habits. When you are impressed by a person close to you, you tend to copy his habits. Sometimes you stick to these habits for life.

You need to change habits not only for your betterment but also because habits are copied by people around you, especially by children.

Children have a tendency to copy parents’ behaviors. They pay attention to everything you say and do. It is important to set an example by leaving bad habits and developing good ones to become a better parent. Bad habits copied by children can pass down through generations.

It is an irony that people who have bad habits like drinking  and smoking expect their children not to copy them. What they don’t realize is that they are creating future victims of bad habits by programming their minds.

Whatever you do makes a difference.

Want your children to be disciplined? Get yourself disciplined.

Want your children to be respectful? Speak to them respectfully.

If you want to become a better parent, set an example.

become a better parent

Personal development becomes a huge responsibility as a parent because you can only give what you have inside. When you know how to manage yourself, you not only become a better parent but an outstanding person as well. This is not easy as it takes commitment and self-discipline to change yourself for the better.

But, once you start making positive changes in yourself, you will be amazed to see how your children get improved. You will start feeling closer to them.

If you are able to manage your emotions, you will make them feel  inspired. So, start doing personal development activities today and see the results.


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Accept Responsibility For Your Life – No Excuses

Accept responsibility

When you accept responsibility for your life, you become more creative.  You become aware that  it is only up to you to change your life. It is human tendency to blame people or circumstances.

This is one of the major causes of stress which is not good. Instead of blaming others for your failures,  you should realize that you are where you are because of what you did in the past.

Accept responsibility

If you accept responsibility, you will try to improve yourself so that you never repeat the same mistakes. This is how you can take control over your life. How can you improve yourself if you do not accept responsibility for your actions?

When you blame someone, you become overpowered by the negative feelings which will give you more pain. Life situations  do not change just by blaming. The simple act of accepting responsibility replaces these feelings with positive ones which helps you to take charge of your life.

Sometimes you feel that blaming is justified when you become victim of negative people or of negative environment. This may be true. What you need to realize is that it was your weakness. When you can not control circumstances, you are responsible for how you respond to these situations.

You can not leave your life at the mercy of people who are bent upon harming you. You have to be so mentally and spiritually strong that no one can influence your mindset and even think of playing games with you.

If you have suffered failures in life,  you should think and analyze which mistakes you did. Then take a firm decision not to repeat these mistakes. If you feel someone has harmed you, think about how you can deal with him in the future.

Your personality should be such that no one should even dare think of exploiting you. Give the impression of being a strong and confident human being.

So, stop blaming anyone, don’t live in the past and get rid of the feelings of resentment. Accept responsibility for your life.


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Don’t Ignore Important Things

 important things

A simple thought

We often are so involved with ourselves that we  don’t focus our mind to tackle the issues that really matter. And we let these little things turn into something bigger than we can handle. What we are ignoring today will have to be repaired tomorrow.

In  stressful conditions, we feel frustrated and have negative emotions. Some people have to deal with so much  mental turmoil that they fail to do the most important tasks that need immediate attention.

Life keeps on moving. There is a need to keep balance. We need to look around and see if there are any important things which deserve more attention. As we have so many responsibilities, it would be selfish if we ignore these.

When we are raising children, our top priority should be to think and plan about their future instead of being self-centred. We need to understand our responsibilities.


Wow! Audi Invents Environment Friendly Diesel Fuel

environment friendly diesel

This is a great news for those who are worried about climate protection and the future of crude oil. As oil and gas reserves beneath the earth’s surface are declining because of ever-increasing demand, the invention of environment friendly diesel by Audi has given some comfort.

Audi, in partnership with Sunfire, a green tech company has made a great achievement by inventing carbon-neutral alternative diesel made from water, carbon dioxide and renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

Audi calls this ‘blue crude’ which emits no carbon dioxide. Also, this synthetic fuel has superior combustion as compared to the fossil fuels. The e-diesel can be mixed with the existing diesel fuel or can be used on its own.

Watch this video by Sunfire about the details of how this environment friendly diesel is made.




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The Lesser Known Secret To Attracting Abundance And Wealth

Attracting abundance

Are you one of those people who are not receiving good things in life, both socially and personally  despite all of your hard work? It could be that you have blocked yourself from attracting abundance and from getting what you want.

It is an unfortunate thing that we are ignorant of this simple, down to earth action we can take to start attracting abundance  in our lives.

There are countless stories of people who were in serious financial crisis and recovered miraculously simply because they started giving. God helps those who help themselves and others too.

Embed firmly in your mind this secret to attracting abundance:
Attracting abundance and wealth

The more you give, the more you will receive. You can never be in shortage if you start giving today.

This is not about money only. You can help others by giving your time and energy.

Want love? Start loving.

Want to feel inspired? Start giving hope to people.

WARNING:  Never try to serve with the sole expectation that you will get something in return. Don’t try to make a deal out of this.

Once you start doing selfless service soulfully and contribute towards society, you will have peace of mind and there will be showers of blessings.

Sometimes, people become selfish and refuse to give away their money. This is something God does not like at all.

God loves people who give without expecting anything in return. You are doing the work of God by helping His children- the fellow humans.

Attracting abundance

You then become part of that select group of people whom God sends as messengers, to those whose prayers are answered.

It is a way to extend gratitude to God for all His blessings. He never expects anything in return, but  definitely  wants you to help those who are suffering or are in need.

When you start giving, nature opens the doors for you, to feel and have abundance in your life.

  • The habit of giving is not developed by your own efforts. You need blessings of God to do this. Those near to His heart are blessed with the virtue of helping others or thought of this would never come to your mind.
  • The moment you help someone, you have a deep sense of satisfaction.

With sharing, we can make this world a better place  where people are kind and helpful to others irrespective of geographical boundaries, religion, caste and color. If everyone had this attitude, imagine what a beautiful  world we would live in.

Attracting abundance


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This Is How You Can Take Charge Of Your Life

Take charge of your lifeDo you know what is the major cause of depression among people? It is  worry about the past and the future.

The past has already gone and worrying about future will not do any good at all. Live in the present to enjoy happiness and to take charge of your life.

When you dwell on past mistakes and regrets, your energy level is lowered and you stop making progress in life. It is good to learn from your past mistakes and to build on these lessons but you should not keep on feeling guilty. Just forget about them.

Stress  over a long period caused by guilt feeling may have adverse effects on your life. You feel upset when you realize that you made wrong decisions in life. Whenever you have this guilt feeling, immediately  shift your focus on the blessings you have.  Feel proud of the good decisions you made in life.

If, you compare yourself with others you might have more guilt feelings about what you could have done. Get rid of this complaining attitude and be thankful for His blessings. Also, feel gratitude for what you had in the past.

Isn’t it enough reason to thank God that He gave us life?

Also, unnecessary worry about things which might happen in the future is a complete waste of energy which could be used more effectively. Submit to God and accept his will. This will rejuvenate your mind and soul and will help you take charge of your life. You will  have peace of mind as well.

When you live in the present moment, your life becomes more interesting and entertaining. Relish the present moment. You will never get it back.

True enjoyment  comes when you concentrate on the task at hand.  You will be able to complete work quickly and easily and  will become a top performer in almost every field of your life.

But, it is not easy to live in the present and to take charge your life. You have to take consistent action to bring  positive changes in your life. That is why self-improvement is so vital.

 Be courageous and take charge of your life.

Take charge of your life




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The Bulletproof Formula To Stay Motivated

Stay motivated

When you are pursuing goals, you need to devote time for self-development to gain better results. This is good, but the mistake you normally do is that you neglect to appreciate yourself for the little achievements you make towards your goals.

You have to stay motivated to keep yourself focused. Don’t depend on others to motivate you. Become self motivated to ensure success.

Here’s the formula:

Develop a ‘do-it-now’ attitude, get things done fast, feel gratitude for that and reward yourself to stay motivated.

When you leave your comfort zone and start doing things faster, you become highly motivated and are ready to do your best. And, when you have a sense of gratitude, you start enjoying the fruits of your success.

You also have to recharge your batteries to avoid burnout. You need something to keep moving forward. Little rewards help you to stay motivated and to achieve more.

Take example of children. Rewards and incentives improve their behavior and accelerate learning in them.

Sportsmen show better  performance when rewards are offered to them..

Reward yourself when you carry out something important  and tough or when you succeed in getting rid of bad habits. Feel proud of yourself. This will raise your self-image which is so vitally important if you want to be successful.

When you reward yourself every time you make progress, you realize your potential. This  gives boost to your confidence and you get more  energized and enthusiastic.

Break large goals in mini goals and attach a reward  proportionate to the size of each goal. But don’t make your rewards costlier. This could be self-defeating.

Here are some ideas to reward yourself:

  • Watch your favorite movie.
  • Buy some good book.
  • Go out with family for dinner or simply spend time with them.
  • Do something you love.
  • Simply enjoy your sleep.
  • Go to the beach or the hillside.
  • Become a tourist in your hometown.

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6 Killer Websites To Help You Go Vegan Once And For All

Go Vegan

My body will not be a tomb for other creatures—Leonardo Da Vinci

Do you feel that you should go vegan but find it difficult to stop eating meat?

Going vegan may seem to be harder but with guidance and support it becomes easier than expected.

When you realize where the food on your plate comes from, you will feel sympathy for animals and will  think again about eating meat.

The  resources listed below will help you make the compassionate choice to go vegan once and for all.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided below is correct at the time of this blog post and is based upon what is mentioned in the listed websites.


People For Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) is a world level organization working to save animals from suffering and to create a kinder, better world for them. This is a huge knowledge resource with a rich archive of articles, videos, investigations and much more.

2. Mercy For Animals

‘Mercy For Animals’ is a  nonprofit dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals, urging people to stop eating meat. Get inspired to go vegan by watching the heart wrenching videos showing cruelty to animals. They have also given  links to their 7 other sites like walmartcruelty.com

3.Vegan Society

Go vegan in 30 days with the 30 day vegan pledge. Sign up for the vegan pledge to receive regular tips and support to stay vegan. Support materials like vegan magazine, books, videos and leaflets make it easier for you to adopt the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan society was founded in 1944 and the story continues to promote veganism as a mainstream way of life.

 4. Explore veg

  • Educating people through their public outreach about farmed animal suffering.
  • Outreach work like food giveaways to convince people that vegans too can have their favorite foods.
  • Educational programs about vegan cooking, factory farming or animal behavior.
  • Community building
  • Useful resources for activists.

 5. Vegan Outreach

This is a U.S. based nonprofit organization founded in 1993 to move society away from eating animals and their products. They have a dedicated team of volunteers and coordinators who distribute booklets  to promote plant-based diet. Also find delicious vegan recipes here. Vegan health is another website owned by them.

 6. Vegan

Making vegan easy. This site has useful information to educate us about the latest things in the vegan world and has the guides(living, food, local city and nutrition), tips, videos, recipes and much more.

 Now, your next step?

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Speed Yourself Up When Times Are Good

Speed yourself up

It’s easy to praise God in the good times but what about when the storms of your flesh are a brewin’? Not so easy then!………Monica Johnson

When times are tough and  everything seems to be going wrong, it becomes difficult to focus on your goals. This is because your main priority is to solve the problems that you face.

This happens particularly if someone in your family is facing a physical challenge or when you are in debt. As a result, you are unable to give attention to your job. Sometimes, your work suffers irrevocable damage.

So if things are good now, strive to give your best efforts and work with total commitment. Good times are blessings of God you must be thankful for. You ought to make the best use of it.

In good times, you are happier and your brain is more focused on important things that really matter in life. There is a strong correlation between happiness and productivity. When you are happy, your energy level rises and you can work harder and faster.

But the most common mistake that people make is that they get into the comfort zone and become sluggish. They also invite diseases because of an unhealthy lifestyle. When they have money, they spend it on unhealthy foods than investing on their health.

Break out of your unproductive routine to maximize performance. Don’t stick to bad habits and push yourself to get to the next level.

We can learn important life lessons from troopers. They keep themselves ever ready with a keen sense of discipline in their efforts to protect the nation. They can not afford to be idle.

So, you need to inculcate a sense of discipline and to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. Live life to the fullest and do the things you know you should do.

Use your time wisely. Do your best and speed yourself up. Dig your well before you’re thirsty.

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Can’t Keep Up? 20 Ways To Manage Stress

Stress is a part of everyday life. Adults are living with increased stress levels which are higher than normal level. It is extremely important to manage stress if you want to stay healthy.

Look at this infographic by American Psychological Association.
A Stress Snapshot

It is not possible to eliminate stress but you can act positively to reduce it. Here are 20 ideas to help you get better at  handling stressful conditions:

Spirituality1.Be Spiritual

You should have a daily spiritual routine which may include reading spiritual books, practicing meditation and doing prayers. This enables you to handle almost anything that comes your way.

Prayer is the best anti depressant. Believe in God and pray. He will give you the power to face and solve any problem.

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exercise to manage stress

2.Physical exercise/ sports

Sports and exercise improves the quality of our lives. Psychologists recommend brisk walk to treat anxiety disorders, tension and depression. Do physical exercise daily for at least 30 minutes to increase your physical and mental strength.

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3. Yoga

Take your exercise to the next level. Add yoga to your daily exercise regimen. It is more than just a physical exercise. It reduces stress, improves concentration level and cures most of the ailments.

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 Laughing to manage stress4.Do laughter exercise daily

Laughter is the best medicine. Daily laughter exercise has numerous health benefits. Anyone can do it anytime. Start today If you have not done it before and experience the healing power. Watch this video:



5. Get out of debts

Debt is a major cause of depression as it hurts your mental and physical levels. When you are in debts, your motivation level is too low and you start losing control over life. If you are under debts, take practical action to address your debt problem as soon as possible. The earlier you deal with debts, the easier they are to deal with.

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Set goals to manage stress

6. Set a goal

Having a goal in life shifts your focus from challenges of the present to possibilities of the future. Goal setting gives us purpose, motivation and focus and we become action oriented. Set goals to reduce stress in your life.

Keep busy to manage stress

7. Keep yourself busy

” The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not. The cure for it is occupation.”  George Bernard Shaw

 Have a daily work routine and keep yourself busy to manage stress and to stay happy.


Music to manage stress

8. Listen to music of your choice

Music is an effective tool to manage stress. It has a deep relaxing effect on our minds especially when we listen to classical and slow music.

Listen to beautiful inspiring music as it quickly shifts your mood when you are in stress.

concentration to manage stress

9. Concentration exercise.

This is the most powerful technique to strengthen your mind, enabling you to manage stress effectively. By practicing this exercise even for 10 minutes daily, you will have immense mind power.

Watch this video to learn a simple and  powerful concentration exercise.

Nature for stress

 10. Spend some time with nature

Spending time in nature reduces stress as it has a calming and meditative effect on the overstressed mind. Get outside! Enjoy the fragrance of those beautiful flowers. Relish the fresh air and the beauty of nature. Paste beautiful photos of nature in your room and  choose nature  images as screensavers.


11.Read books and blogs

Reading provides food for thought. Develop the habit of reading good books and/or blogs daily. This keeps you mentally stimulated.

Power of spoken words

12. Practice Positive Self Talk

Words have power. Use them wisely and speak what you want.

Daily practice of positive self talk not only helps in removing stress but also allows you to live a happier and fulfilling life. Replace the negative mental chatter by repeating positive statements of a desired outcome or goal.

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13. Blogging

Writing is transformative and helps you clarify your thoughts. If you are passionate about writing you should start a blog. I can say this because blogging has been a great learning experience for me and has helped me to manage stress in my life.


14. Research

Research is healing. Write down what makes your life difficult and start reading to find answers to these problems. You will get answers to your questions and will gain a new perspective on life. You will also be better able to think up solutions to your problems.



15.Help others

Help at least one person daily. This will make you feel much better and will give you a sense of satisfaction. When you help others, you forget about your problems. So make charity a habit.



16. Develop a ‘do it now’ attitude

Procrastination is one of the major causes of stress. When you keep on delaying important tasks, all the deadlines and pressures pile up causing too much stress. So develop a ‘do it now’ attitude. Doing things before time give you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your confidence level.

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declutter to manage stress

17. Declutter

Reduce clutter to reduce stress. There is a correlation between visual and mental clutter. Declutter your home, make it clean and organized for a calming environment.


TV News18.Stop Watching News Channels

News directors prefer showing negative news by presenting alarming stories about every imaginable tragedy. This directly affects our mood, thinking and behavior and makes us sadder.


Manage stress

19.Stop Worrying About Your Past And Future

Live in present, avoid minor mental distractions and stay motivated.Don’t keep fretting over past mistakes and don’t drown yourself in the worries of the future.

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Travel to manage stress

20. Travel/Holidays

Taking a holiday is a very effective way to manage stress. When you are traveling you tend to forget about the problems which give you stress. This gives you a temporary break from worries. When you are mentally fresh, you can think of effective ways to solve your problems.

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A Video That Influenced Me To Become A Vegetarian

This heart wrenching video made me realize that I shouldn’t have eaten meat. I was not very fond of non vegetarian diet, but I did not stop it completely until I watched this video made by mercyforanimals.org. These people are doing a great job by creating awareness about cruelty on animals.

If you are fond of meat but want to become a vegetarian. you must watch this video. And If you can’t see the scenes, you shouldn’t eat meat.

WARNING: This video contains disturbing scenes and is only for 18 years and above.

Skyrocket Your Productivity By Doing Your Best

productivityDo you feel you are not what you would possibly have been? The reason could be that you are not doing  your best. That is the most common cause of failure which is very damaging. You don’t achieve the desired results because of the decreased productivity. This gives you feelings of regret and self-abuse later on.

Time is your most valuable asset and you should not waste it. You need to analyze the mistakes which are holding you back and to see what is not working for you. This is crucial for long-term success. Review your plans and alter course if necessary to increase productivity. Find out the reasons for not giving your best.

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Let’s analyze some reasons why we fail to do our best resulting in decreased productivity :

Lack of focus

This happens when you don’t  have any goals. You don’t use your capabilities to the fullest as you spread yourself too thin by undertaking different ventures. If you are lagging behind because of lack of focus, nobody is to be blamed except yourself. Choose to stand out in one field instead of being average in several.

If you learn to avoid distractions, you will be able to meet your goal faster.  Do whatever it takes to be a successful in your chosen field. Avoid activities that waste your time and lower your productivity level. Though diversification is good, you have to understand the opportunity cost principle. Watch this video.


Not finding your passion and choosing the wrong profession

It may not be that you are incapable of doing your best, it might be the fact that you are not in a suitable profession that matches your personality. Find a career that you have a passion for.

If you are passionate about your job, you hardly need any motivation. You can easily do your best  without making extra efforts simply because you love what you do. This gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Financial problems

Your productivity greatly decreases when you have money problems because you are in the survival mode. This is how your productivity increases when you are financially fit:

  • You feel more excited and enthusiastic about your job.
  • You become creative as more Ideas come to your mind.
  • You are able to do more work as the stress level is low.
  • You can take care of your health which results in better performance.

Unfavorable Circumstances

When the circumstances are good our confidence and motivation level remains high. But when we  face  problems in life, our energy level goes down and we are unable to focus on our goals. This results in inefficiency and low levels of productivity.

Though there are some situations in life which are beyond our control, many problems we face are a result of our own mistakes or wrongdoings. This is why spiritualism plays an important role in our life.

If you have a habit of daily worship and meditation, you will restrain from doing wrong deeds as you develop moral values. You will also have a powerful soul which will help you to face tough situations with courage.

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Low self esteem

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect to perform better? Love yourself and view yourself as a highly productive and efficient person. Believe that you are the best and  are capable of doing anything. Be honest with yourself. Make a list of your strengths and put them into practice to increase productivity.

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Laziness and other bad habits

You have to recognize how painful it is to lose opportunities and suffer losses because of laziness and procrastination. You should  quit all bad habits to be super productive as bad habits affect many areas of our life. Though it is difficult to change bad habits, you can easily remove one bad habit at a time. If you quit one bad habit in 30 days, you can quit 12 in a month.

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Poor emotional and physical health

Poor physical health, negative thinking, frustrations and depression have been strongly correlated to decreased productivity. Stressed people are less motivated to perform well. That is why it is so crucial to take care of your health and do self-improvement activities daily.

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Lack of motivation

Stronger people never depend upon others for motivation. Personal motivation is an inside job. If you do not feel motivated, your productivity level is decreased because when you are demoralized you can not do your best.

Read inspirational books/blogs, listen to audio/video programs to have a positive attitude.

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I truly hope that these suggestions have been valuable to you. I promise, if you follow these tips, you will be able to do your best and will become super productive. Guaranteed!

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Why Is It Important To Identify Your Strengths?

Identify Your Strengths

Always remember, you are worth more than you think. While it is important to know your weaknesses and to manage them, you need to identify your strengths and good qualities as well. Don’t take your strengths for granted. As Derek Sivers said, ” What is obvious to you is amazing to others.”

Sometimes you fail to appreciate what God has blessed you with. The need is to reveal the divine strength within yourself. Honest revelations and proper use of your potential and energies can bring contentment in your life. All the doubts about your adequacy  will also be cleared.

The person who has low self-image can not give his best because he is  habitual of slandering others and of finding negatives in his own personality. What he needs to do is to shift his focus to start dwelling on the positives.

Successful people focus more on their strengths and not on what they lack. There are countless positive benefits when you focus on good things about yourself.

You can exert your potential to the best provided you know your strong points. If you think more about your strengths, you will be able to move forward in life with more energy and will become a top performer.

Identifying your strengths is highly rewarding in your professional life too. You might miss the best opportunities if you are unaware of your real potential. Embrace your past, look honestly at your life and identify what strengths you have to offer.

When you identify your strengths, you would come out of the comfort zone and would strive to seek new opportunities. In job interviews, candidates who know their key strengths are the preferred choice of recruiters.

It may sometimes be difficult to know  your real strengths as they become part of your personality and are usually invisible. Your job is to dig deeper and uncover those strengths to put them to work. You can also take the help of others to help you identify your strengths. And, you should  also spend time on developing new strengths.

So, identify your strengths and put them into action.

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20 Best Resources To Learn Yoga Online


DISCLAIMER: The information provided below is correct at the time of this blog post and may change in the future.

IMPORTANT : You must read this article before taking your first yoga class to avoid costly mistakes.

Following is the collection of best resources to learn yoga online:

 1. Divya yoga

A website run by premier yoga institute of India – Patanjali Yogpeeth. Here you can learn everything  about yoga. You can watch these on  you tube as well.

2. Yoga Vidya English

This Youtube channel has excellent yoga videos both for beginners and advanced learners. You can learn different poses, postures and Pranayamas.

3. Yoga journal

A community website of the magazine – ‘yoga journal’  which was founded in 1975 by the members of California Yoga Teachers Association. Offers  videos lessons, contains valuable articles, and a directory of yoga schools.

4. Do yoga with me

Contains free yoga videos. You can watch any video for free and can contribute  by making donations.

5. Yoga Glo

Online yoga  for every level.  Get access to yoga classes for $18 a month. Offers 15 days trial.

6. Yoga International

A very good resource to learn yoga, get certifications and do e-courses. Basic membership free and digital membership $7.99 per month.

7. Yoga vibes

Practice yoga anytime any place. You can choose between $20 a month or $200 a year. Get 15 days  trial.

8. Gaiam tv

Practice anywhere, anytime with your favorite online yoga videos. You can register at $9.95 per month with 10 days risk free trial.

9.  Yoganonymous

An open platform for yoga enthusiasts where you can learn about yoga and share your knowledge as well. Also, has a  directory of yoga events and teachers.

10.  Yoga Trail

A comprehensive directory of yoga studios, training programs, teachers and yoga retreats with reviews and ratings. Here you can find yoga studios, teachers and local events wherever you are in the world.

11. Yoga.org.nz     

A very good resource. Find a collection of good articles and free videos. You can join online classes at $6.97 per month- beginner to advanced.

12.  Ekhart Yoga

An online yoga studio. Free yoga videos and monthly subscriptions at 12.50 euros.

 13. Yoga forums 

It is a subscription website and a good knowledge resource. You can register as a member by paying a  one time  fee of $4.95 and become a part of the community.

14. My yoga works

Another good resource. Pay $15 per month for unlimited access to all yoga classes. Offers 14 day  trial.

 15. Yoga Dork

A blog containing very useful and informative news and articles.

16. Yogasync.tv

A good resource for online beginner and advanced yoga classes. Get 15 days free trial, then get enrolled at $9.95 per month.

17. Daily cup of yoga

A highly informative and enlightening blog  for tips, tools and wisdom on yoga, books and technology.

18. Yoga mint

An informative blog. Find videos and articles on yoga, healthy eating and more.

19. Yoga Paws

A blog with informational guides on yoga poses and postures.

 20.  Power yoga

Join power yoga online at $15.95 per month. First month $7.95. Two weeks free for new subscribers.


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What Everybody Ought To Know Before Starting Yoga


Yoga has been  scientifically proven to be a highly effective therapy for almost all the diseases. Regular yoga practice helps us to keep physically fit and to stay in shape.

Studies have revealed that Yoga can  ward off stress and can help us to stay peaceful as it enables us to gain more control over mind. It also makes our lives more disciplined.

Before you start doing yoga, here are some important things you need to know to get the best results and to avoid any harmful effects.
  • It is essential that you spend few hours to study the basics of yoga before actually starting it.
  • Remember, every yoga pose (asana) is not for everyone. If you have a physical challenge you should consult your doctor and guru before starting  yoga as there are some poses which are not allowed for particular patients.
  • Do yoga  under the coaching of a good mentor. If you do yoga by reading a book  and misinterpret something, it can be dangerous. It is better to attend classes offline but if it is difficult, there are many  good and convenient online resources like yogajournal.com.
  • Diet is an equally important part of yoga. Though there are no strict rules, you should follow the  guidelines about the kind of food you should take.
  • Always do yoga empty stomach or 3 hours(least) after having meals.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes and prefer using a yoga mat.
  • Keep duration of yoga from 15 minutes to 1 hour. If your body allows, 90 minutes is the maximum limit.
  • Make it sure there is some fresh air in the room where you are practicing yoga. It is better if you do it outdoors where there is no pollution. Also avoid direct sunlight and too much cold.
  • Don’t get discouraged if you can not do every asana. Have patience and be persistent. With practice you will become an expert.
  • Be a good learner. Ask your teacher if you can not make it.
  • Don’t push too hard. Practice according to body needs.

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Good Health Despite Low Finances

Good Health

Money is more than just cash. Having financial problems may have negative impacts on health. Insecure feelings because of  low-income and continuing debts over prolonged periods of time may cause mental and emotional distress.

When you are financially burdened, you start ignoring your health. You can not afford to buy expensive diets. You also fail to  make health conscious decisions because of the stress caused by  low finances.

Sometimes you are so mentally overpowered by life challenges  that you find it difficult to give attention to your health.  Too much thinking  will not help you solve your problems.

Being financially weak gives you a stronger reason to take care of your health because if you ignore health and get some illness wouldn’t it  be a disaster if you are not able to afford the treatments?

Here we are talking about developing good habits. It is not necessary to spend lots of money to keep good health.

You need to undertake  self- improvement activities daily to maintain  positive thinking mindset. By doing this you will be able to ensure your and your family’s good health in a better way. It is important to keep healthy so that when you have money you are able to enjoy the rewards.

Though it is always recommended eating a variety of foods and dietary supplements every day but if you are not able to consume these because of limited budgets you can follow these low-cost or no – cost tips to help you maintain good health:
  • Walking and physical exercises are at the top of the list. You should also do yoga and meditation to avoid the ill-health effects of  stress which causes many problems like hypertension and insomnia.
  • Discuss with someone you trust about plans to get out of financial troubles so that you have a better mindset to take care of your body.
  • Improve your eating habits. Avoid eating junk foods. This will also save your money. Instead, spend money on  fresh foods.
  • When you go to buy grocery, don’t forget to see nutrition labels. This little alertness can be highly beneficial.
  • Drink plenty of water. Feel like having a snack? Try drinking water first.
  • There are many fruits which are cheaper. Check the prices of fruits and vegetables and buy  the affordable ones.
  • Develop the habit of taking herbs and natural foods like turmeric, garlic, ginger  etc. which are known to have many health benefits. These are easily available at a cheaper price.
  • Quit smoking and drinking if you enjoy it.
  • Take care of personal hygiene.
  • Keep yourself busy.



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The Dilemma Of Being A Writer

writerWe all stand on the shoulders of giants. It is the wisdom of the ages, distilled by the greats, which is sought to be applied to contemporary problems and issues. This was primarily, my objective of creating this blog.

I am here for a purpose and that purpose  is to inspire people and to help them solve their problems. But I get nervous when I hit the publish button because I know it is not ethical to teach what you are not doing yourself. So I try my best to practice what I write.

What I am trying to do is to pin down my thoughts after introspection. If you find anything useful wouldn’t it be selfishness not to share with others so that they pick  what is useful in their own context for their own improvement?

So  I felt I should share my thoughts with the world. Because when I write I am not only writing for my readers but for myself as well. Though it is not easy, I am trying to incorporate these into my own life. I also hope to benefit from ideas and experiences of others. This is a part of my unending journey of self-improvement – the onward movement.

But sometimes I fail to practice what I  write in my articles which makes me think that I  should stop writing all this. And when I think about the people who  find my articles  helpful in solving their life problems, I want to write more.

Writing reflects inner feelings, wisdom and life experiences of the writer. A True writing is one which transforms the reader as well as the writer himself. I have  learned from my experience that best learning comes from writing as it gives us a better understanding about ourselves.

I consider it as an achievement, so I will keep on writing for my readers.


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Aspire To Inspire

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. John Quincy Adams


There are two types of people: those who inspire  and those who make others feel depressed by their negative attitude. Which group of people do you belong to? Try to recognize. Do you lift people up or make them feel worse?

We as humans are  vulnerable to catching the emotions of others. When you are enthusiastic and full of energy, people will gravitate towards you. They will feel more strengthened. When you inspire people you become a magnetic and charismatic personality.

If you are in a depressed mood, you infect others with depression. People avoid those who have a negative attitude or who  use words which demoralize them. Think about this. Would you like to be with people who inspire or with those who always criticize, complain and condemn?

Everyone wants to feel inspired and motivated. So when you interact with people you should give sincere appreciation and inspire them. Do not spread negative attitude. You definitely don’t want to be a person people avoid sitting next to.

Get inspired yourself and be an example as people watch your actions. Be a learner first. Share your thoughts and life experiences with others to positively influence them. Encourage them through tough times.

Share your happiness with people. Have a good smile on your face and develop a good sense of humor. Become a person who is loved and admired by all. Everyone you know should seek  to counsel  you when they  need  some moral support.

Remember, you have the power to CHANGE. Offer practical help to people who have lost their hopes and have buried their dreams. Help them to realize their true potential and to make positive changes in their lives. This will give you inner satisfaction.

 You should be so full of life  that if a person happens to be in your company even for a few minutes, he gets  fired up. Show them that life is worth living. Inspiring others is a highly rewarding endeavor.

Be a motivator.



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My 10 Favourite Inspirational Quotes For 2015



  1. Be as you wish to seem…. Socrates
  2. Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year…. Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  3. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time…. Thomas A. Edison
  4. Change your thoughts and you change your world…. Norman Vincent Peale
  5. It is never too late to be what you might have been….George Eliot
  6. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve…. Napoleon Hill
  7. We know what we are, but know not what we may be….William Shakespeare
  8. Believe you can and you are halfway there………. Theodore Roosevelt
  9. Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease…. Hippocrates
  10. We can not teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves….Galileo Galilei


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10 Ways To Build Courage

CourageWhen the going gets tough, the tough get going. Joseph P. Kennedy

When times are good we feel strong and are able to motivate others about how to think positively. However, our real test lies in how we face life’s challenges.

Analyze what is the worst that could happen. When you are best prepared for the worst then you have a practical approach towards each situation.

Danger or failure is not what comes but how you react to the situations. No failings should be enough to detract  you from subsequent efforts to win. You should learn from failings, regain strength and get what we want.

You have to be very strong.  When you feel others around you may be affected by the challenge then you have to be a rock. Have a ‘come what may’ attitude.

The good news is that everyone has the ability to become bold and courageous.

Over millennia human beings have developed flight or fight response when confronted with  failure or danger. Ever wondered why some people fight and some try to escape?

Here are some  reasons:

  • When there is expectation of success, you don’t have anxiety and have a sense of assurance which reverses by failures. Sense of assurance is replaced by anxiety of failure. Therefore, confidence decreases.
  •  We are not clear about our goals. When we are focused on our goals then distractions don’t matter.
  • Bravery is innate and genetic to some degree.
  • People who have fight response have a strong will power.
  • Childhood education and upbringing where parents are a model of courage, play an important role.

 How to build courage?

  1. Faith in God empowers us with incredible strength to deal with difficult situations. Here comes the role of spirituality in our life. If we tread the spiritual path and remember the almighty when times are good we may not have to face certain problems or at least have the mental strength and peace of mind to better deal with adversities.
  2. “Is my response flight or fight?” By consciously asking yourself this question in the face of challenges, you will get the answer if you really want to fly. Choose fight over flight.
  3. Be like a warrior who practices daily because he wants himself to be ready for the enemy attacks. Same way we need to work on strengthening our mind to such a level that we are unshaken when countered with tough times.
  4. Get inspired by the heroic historical characters like the martyrs of Sikh history.
  5. There is a connection between courage and confidence. Confidence means not being scared. So do things which give you confidence.
  6. When you discuss your problems with  a trusted fellow, the stress level is reduced and you get moral support.
  7. Be in the company  of enthusiastic people who are in the fight group because excitement is contagious.
  8. Start believing in yourself. Have a high self image.
  9. Practice of deep breathing has a tremendous positive effect on mindset. So make it your daily routine.
  10. Science has proved that music has a healing power. Listening to good music can lift your mood which ultimately helps to replace the feelings of fear and doubt with feelings of faith. This will help to build courage.



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Do You Recognize The Power Of Spoken Words?

Spoken wordsWhatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill –Buddha

Words  have a deep impact on our lives. We rarely think about the power of spoken words as speaking is as natural as breathing. If we understand this, our lives would be better.

Your words can either motivate others or suck the positive energy out of them. Some people purposely use abusive and hurtful words. They get strange kind of feeling by hurting others. They even go to the extent of wishing or praying bad things for others.

Nothing can spoil your relationships than using negative words as it brings disappointment thereby influencing the behavior of others. If you work on improving your language, you can  improve the quality of your relationships.

Normally when you ask people to speak positive they would ignore your suggestions because they think it’s useless. When they speak negative, it is a description of their ego and nothing else. They damage their own personality  by speaking bad language.

Parents must understand the power of spoken words for the well-being of their children.

The words that parents use have a positive or negative effect on children’s lives. Be careful about what you say to your children. They copy  your actions and behavior. Don’t teach the next gen to be harsh on others.

You have to be a  source of inspiration for your child. It is your responsibility to raise emotionally healthy children.

Resolve not to speak negative for your and your family’s better future. Watch what you speak as it may turn into a reality.

Sweet words make you sweeter. Utter words which inspire and motivate others. You will  bring positive energy into your life and will become a lovable human being.

Distribute love not hatred.


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Pranayama For Powerful Creative Visualization


Pranayamas (breathing exercises), a part of yoga system are extremely helpful to keep ourselves in a state of perfect health. Ancient Hindu saints used  to practise pranayama to stay healthy and to have a tranquil mind.

When you breathe deeply doing pranayama, you inhale oxygen which goes to every cell of your body. This also makes your mind  calm and relaxed. Your concentration level reaches  a  new level. You are better able to use the power of imagination.

If you are not in a state of deep meditation and worship while doing pranayama, you can use this time to do creative visualization and self talk.

What is creative visualization?

Creative visualization is a powerful skill to see the visual images in your mind of the life of your dreams. You feel and experience it with intense belief as if it is happening now.

There is nothing new about it. We all do visualization everyday either knowingly or unknowingly. The main thing about creative visualization is to be aware of the power of thoughts. Then we creatively imagine about the kind of life we want.

When combined with positive affirmations it turns into a very effective way to bring positive changes in nearly any area of our life. I will not go into the details of this. There are many good  websites where you can find  information on this topic like here.

Do creative visualization after completing pranayama. Make sure there is no disturbance. You will have better focus and clarity. Positive thoughts during pranayama are at a deeper level.

Imagine that you have inhaled  the positive energy of the universe and that  every cell of your body is rejuvenated. Picture yourself in ideal health both physically and mentally.

Imagine a new reality for yourself. Feel it from your heart. Think and visualize with 100% belief. Feel that all your dreams have been fulfilled and you are living a life full of abundance.

The daily practice of creative visualization with pranayama will have a highly positive impact on your life.

Remember, you become what you think.

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15 Things You Must Know While Doing Online Business

Online Business

Internet is amazing. Because of many online business opportunities, people have found it easier to own a  business where sky is the limit. The  best part is that you have the option to do this business from your home or from anywhere in the world without an office. You are your own boss.

It is a wonderful thing to be online but the problem arises when you start to ignore important works and family. This is because you get into the comfort zone and develop the habit of procrastination.

It is essential  to make a healthy choice of keeping online and offline balance while doing online business. Don’t let your online world replace the offline world.

In offline profession you are in real touch with people. You reduce the chances of getting lost into the virtual world of internet. You are also learning skills like human relations and public speaking etc.

Remember the internet bubble. Be aware that online business trends change very fast and the competition is getting fierce.

If you are serious about your goals and have decided to make it big, you must do online business in a balanced way.

Follow these suggestions to avoid costly mistakes as you build your online business:
  1. Make sure that you have sufficient income from your present profession to meet regular expenses. This will give you motivation and you won’t be under stress. Otherwise, you may become frustrated and ultimately quit your online business.
  2. Don’t follow any shortcuts. If you are into online business for making quick money in legitimate way then you need to do a  reality check. It takes lots of learning and time to start making real money online.
  3. Stay healthy. Never ignore your health with overuse of computers.
  4. Be aware of the scams online and learn how to avoid these.
  5. Sit down and write your life goals and plan how your online business can be helpful in achieving these goals.
  6. Strive to be an expert. You need to learn all the tips and tricks to be successful in any profitable online venture. Find the resources where you can get the best knowledge about your chosen field.  For example, if you want to learn about  blogging, dailypost.wordpress.com , problogger.net  and copyblogger.com are very good resources.
  7. Give equal importance to offline activities. Never ignore your offline profession and other important jobs.
  8. Follow online  security  practices and learn tips to keep your website secure if you have any self hosted site.
  9. Make a strict schedule / time table. Fix time for each activity as you have a limited number of hours to work each day.
  10. Don’t jump into too many ventures at a time. Don’t spread yourself too thin by chasing every idea.
  11. Make a team and learn to delegate . You will need to bring in more people as your business grows.
  12. If you are in debts, make a repayment plan and take immediate action. Get rid of debt worries as you will have better focus on your work.
  13. Be honest and ethical. Instead of being focused on making money, genuinely help people  to solve their problems and give them what they are looking for.
  14. Be organized. Stop spending time online aimlessly.
  15. Keep learning, stay motivated, be consistent and never quit.

The best way is to keep things balanced by doing offline and online activities harmoniously.  Our  goal should be to lead a happy, fulfilled life and not to stay online.

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Why Self Improvement Is So Crucial For True Success?


If you are serious about your dreams, you need to understand why self-improvement is important. You must implement the personal development strategies into your daily routine. This will help you to become a better person.

Self improvement activities fill you with a sense of purpose and keep you focused on your goals. If you don’t spend time improving yourself, you will have only financial success and not real happiness.

Start taking life in proper perspective. It is not possible to enjoy true success  without becoming a good human being. You need to  develop self-discipline to stay consistent with your personal development. You have to learn and apply  the success principles.

Everyone faces ups and downs while chasing  dreams. So it is vital to improve your mental strength to have a psychological edge that  enables you to face challenging situations. That is why self-improvement is so important.

The main reason why most people ignore to spend time on personal growth is that  they do not have any purpose in life. They have found ways to keep themselves busy by gossiping and by watching television. By making TV and film stars as their role models, they lose their own identity.

Be in the association of successful people. Read  their books and blogs and listen to audio and seminars. Make it a daily routine to read positive attitude books  for at least 30 minutes. This is your mental diet.

So get out of your comfort zone and become passionate about personal development.

There are countless benefits to convince why self-improvement is important. Some of these are:
  • It helps promote a positive self-image and boosts your self-confidence.
  • It takes you out of despair. You are able to manage stress.
  • You learn people skills thus making your social life better.
  • It enables you to reach your potential as you become more productive.
  • There is an overall improvement in physical and mental health.
  • Self improvement helps you in changing habits for the better.
  • It becomes easier to overcome fear.
  • You develop  ethics, principles and integrity and learn the moral values.

You either stagnate or you grow.

Keep  upgrading yourself.

Be a continual learner.

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